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In prayer, we are approaching the end of this coronavirus pandemic. As we see more and more people vaccinated, there is hope that we can soon return to some normalcy. The question that comes to my mind and to my heart: “How will the church minister after the pandemic?” There must be a well thought out plan that allows the church to continue doing Kingdom work.

There are countless lives to be saved. The harvest is ready, but the workers are few. So, we have to reinvent the ministry. Many changes have taken place over the past two years. Who would have thought that we would depend on social media? But thanks to social media, we were able to reach more people than ever. For those who say that people will not be going back to church, because they stay comfortable in their pajamas, watching one service after another, I would strongly say that this line of thinking is superficial. It is important that we, as the people of God, speak with a prophetic voice and take full advantage of the opportunity God has given us to win souls for Christ. As one thinks, so it is. If you think negatively, you will react negatively.

I believe with all my heart that God has given us a wonderful opportunity for the church to be a beacon in the midst of this dark and gloomy pandemic. In other words, the prophet Isaiah, chapter 43:19, “For I am about to do something new. You see, I have already started! Can’t you see it? I will make a path through the desert. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.

We have a wonderful opportunity to step out of the faith and bring the church to life with new and exciting opportunities impacting the world: being engaged in the ministry of social justice, breaking down the walls of bigotry. racial, and all the things we face, day in and day out. I am not in denial; I am realistic. But I am also a man of faith. I don’t want to preach sadness, but let the people of God know that the church, the church of God, is not dead. We were given new opportunities. We just say WOW: wonderful opportunities waiting.

I look forward to the opportunity to go beyond the walls of Bethlehem and share the Word of God, not only using social media, but developing new services at different times to meet the needs of the people of God. I am excited, full of passion and confident in God, that He reigns and always reigns. The Lord established the church. This is His church, and we are His people.

Remember, this may be the first time we have experienced a pandemic, but it is not the first time for this nation or this world. I look forward to ministering in this post-pandemic. Engage in fellowship and relationships, do creative ministry. We seek to visit retirement homes and hospitals, to touch the lives of our young people, so that God can obtain glory. As we see people in the stands for sporting events and people in theaters and restaurants enjoying the blessings of life and social activities, why not make the church a place where people can come and experience? the love and power of God? Find a church where the ministry is taking place after the pandemic. There are countless churches, and they are dedicated and committed servants of God: pastors, men and women who stand ready to share the great gospel of Jesus. If we have needed the Lord before, surely we need him now.

Reverend Charles W. Quann is the pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church at Spring House.



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