The program that saved 30 Warrington children from care



Warrington’s “The Lighthouse” program has seen early success, which has helped 40 young people in and on the edge of care in the region, since its launch on April 1, 2021.

The team works with young people in care and on the outskirts to reconnect with their families, reduce risky behavior and improve their aspirations.

Since its launch, 40 young people have worked with The Lighthouse team and 30 young people have been left without care.

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The program replaced traditional council-run houses and provides nursing home beds, emergency residence beds, community foster care, supported accommodation, supported housing and outreach support.

The program also ensures that young people in need of care are in suitable placements for them, are close to home and school, and offer the best chances in life.

The Time Square project in Warrington, where the new Warrington Council offices are based

“The Lighthouse” is part of the “No Wrong Door” program, which aims to help young people in or at the edge of care and is based on the program developed by North Yorkshire County Council.

Young people in need of assistance are referred to the No Wrong Door program internally by social workers from the Warrington Council Child Care Service.

Cllr Sarah Hall, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, said: “I am very happy that the lighthouse is now fully operational and we are already seeing the positive impact of the work undertaken for children and youth in and on. the edge to worry about.

“At Warrington, we strive to support young people who are failing to thrive and are facing issues in different areas of their lives. Thanks to The Lighthouse, we are able to offer stability to young people who need support, by providing services from the whole board and partners in the right place, at the right time.

“The Lighthouse team works creatively and flexibly with young people and their families to build trusting relationships and improve outcomes.

“Our aim is to reduce the number of children in care, improve school attendance and engagement, increase participation in training and employment, reduce criminal offenses and cases where young people disappear from their homes, and to support young people in their mental health and well-being. .

“I would like to thank our local youth who chose the name ‘The Lighthouse’ and helped develop the hub logo. It is very exciting to see the positive impact that the lighthouse already has and the opportunities that we are confident it will create for the youth and families of Warrington.



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