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Lighthouse HR Support staff include, from left to right, Lindsay Woodrich, Kelly Murphy, Ed Krey, Kathy Krey and Karen Zimmerman as well as Brinkley, the dog who runs student relations. (Business Times photo by Phil Castle)

Ed Krey recounts the comments he has heard from business owners to whom he has provided human resources services. If only they had taken advantage of these services earlier, their experiences in running their businesses would have been different.

It’s an answer Krey says he not only appreciates, but also goes to the heart of his consulting firm Grand Junction’s mission. And it is the support provided that makes running a business much easier, cheaper and ultimately more enjoyable.

By expanding service lines and staffing, Lighthouse HR Support provides a range of resources covering the employment process, he says. “We feel like we have a lot of stuff covered under our HR umbrella.”

Lighthouse HR unites operations that previously included employer representatives, background research and Krey Benefit Solutions under one brand.

Krey purchased part of the operation in 2006 providing UI claims and benefits management services. He had worked as an unemployment insurance hearing consultant as well as designed and implemented benefits.

His wife, Kathy Krey, retired as a counselor for Mesa County School District 51 and in 2013 purchased Background Research to provide employee screening and monitoring services.

Kelly Murphy joined the operation in 2018, bringing nearly 30 years of HR experience along with a plan to offer additional services to meet business needs.

Karen Zimmerman and Lindsay Woodrich have joined the firm more recently, adding to a staff that also includes Mari Duree and Benny Mestas.

Ed Krey says it is difficult for companies with an HR manager or even an HR department to keep abreast of changing laws and regulations and deal with the myriad of issues. jobs that arise. It is much more difficult for small businesses whose owners do not have the expertise or the time. The situation has worsened, he says, with the recent increase in unemployment benefit fraud along with a shallow labor pool that has made recruitment and retention all the more important.

Murphy says Lighthouse HR Support is tailoring its services to deliver as little or as much as needed.

With no plan to buy, businesses only pay for the services they need, says Murphy.

These services can begin with recruitment and pre-employment screening, including assistance with applications and interviews, as well as employment and education verification and criminal and credit checks. Continuous monitoring of criminal activity and professional licensing is also available.

Ed Krey says the company uses a national platform and software that makes it easy and secure to order background checks.

Other services offer assistance with performance reviews, disciplinary action, termination meetings and exit interviews. The company also helps employers create and revise personnel manuals.

Live and online presentations provide training on topics such as conflict management, diversity, harassment prevention and management.

Murphy says the firm is offering an assessment tool and making plans to fill gaps in HR services.

Still other services offer unemployment insurance assistance, including ways to reduce the risk of claims as well as the processing, management and representation of claims.

While the situation has since improved, Ed Krey says there has been an increase in 2020 in fraudulent unemployment insurance claims and identity theft cases. It is essential that businesses react to fraudulent claims and review quarterly expense reports to avoid rising premiums, he says.

In addition, Lighthouse HR Support offers services related to group benefits, including health, vision and life insurance. Even though companies cannot afford to pay for benefits, group purchasing cuts costs for employees, he says.

Lighthouse HR Support also provides a Compliance Connection newsletter on federal and state employment laws and regulations. Murphy says the newsletter conveys what can be complex information in a way that business owners can understand and apply.

In addition, the company responds to what it calls HR 911 calls to quickly answer questions on how to handle situations.

If the company doesn’t have an answer, they look for additional resources or offer referrals, Murphy says. “If we don’t know something, we’re not going to say we know it.”

It’s part of what Ed Krey says is a core value of integrity that hasn’t changed over the years.

What has changed, he says, is the expansion of services and staff and the improvement of technology to better serve businesses and promote the growth of Lighthouse HR Support.

“There are huge opportunities with all service lines. “

He hopes more business owners will take advantage of these services and change their experiences in running their businesses.

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