Gordon Record, September 25, 2021 | Local




Cases filed the week of September 13 to 17

Stacie D. Ledford, 251 Rolling Acres 5th St.

Brea D. and Leslie E. Padgett III, 104 Garden Hill Drive.


Total net value of transactions, this listing: $ 9,094,000. Note: The dollar figure shown represents tax

at $ 1 per $ 1,000 on the equity in the transaction. The transactions are drawn from deeds registered with the Clerk of the Gordon County Superior Court.

Alan Zale to Joseph Walker, card and package 1231-1034, $ 425.

Stanley Simpson to Ferdinand and Elizabeth Santiago, card and package CG41SA035, CG41B004 and CG41B003, $ 668.

Wesley R. Price, Jr. to Oscar Cortes-Gonzalez, 408 Peachtree Lane, $ 239.

Melissa Gayle Vinson to Janie Lou Bruner, 176 Field Crest Drive, $ 158.

Leo-Nidas Enterprises, Inc at Vendure, LLC, 146 and 155 Causby Lane, $ 95.

Georgia Life, LLC to Ryan T. Ballard, card and GC48-053 package, $ 7.

Michael Meadows Family, LLLP to Mayolo Palmerin Lopez, card and package p / o 077-066, $ 90.

Richard Foster Bates to Patricia S. and James A. Bruner Jr., 489 Mount Vernon Drive, $ 140.

Justin Chad Saylor to Esteban Torres Ibarra, 105 Georgia Drive, $ 116.

Mark Van Ryck From Groot to Bernardus JG Janssen, 1346 Hunter Drive, $ 18.

Keith Bagwell at Mang Family Farm Inc, 2120 Old Rome Dalton Road, $ 1,900.

McKinley Homes US, LLC to Justin and Daniele Sanders, 202, McGinnis Circle, $ 248.

Junie J. Nicolas to Jackeline R. Lopez Ocasio, 455, chemin Switch, $ 186.

Nona Hamilton Hazelwood to John M. and Kimberly S. Colding, 1422 Shope Lake Road, $ 51.

Clarence W. McIntosh to Carrie L. and Jack E. West III, 217 Lake Drive, $ 165.

Oothcalooga-RPTG-TK at Curtis Parker Holdings Two, LLC, card and package C68-001A, $ 145.

Oothcalooga-RPTG-TK at King Curtis, LLC, card and package C68-001A, $ 145.

Blue Herron Pond, LLC and Theodore R. King at King Curtis, LLC, card and package C68-001, $ 569.

Minnow Cronon to Michael Vigdorov, 2062 Red Bud Road, $ 175.

Tommie J. Stone to Kenneth J. McAfee, card and parcel p / o 109-039, $ 25.

Blue Herron Pond, LLC and Theodore R. King at Curtis Parkway Holdings Two, LLC, card and package C68-001, $ 569.

Melanie R. Morgan to Melanie E. Beamer, 408 Waterford Drive, $ 90.

Leonidas Enterprises, Inc at Vendure, LLC, 1039 School House Road, $ 75.

Hibbymo Properties, LLC at Randall Durham, 100 stone loop, $ 397.

Silverstone Residential GA, LLC from Jessica N. Diolakis, 106 Lighthouse Cove, $ 389.

Randy Holland at Daddy O’s Donuts, Inc., 408 S Wall Street, $ 160.

Rodney and Benita Farley to Diane C. Smith and Kayla M. Ralston, 202 Hillcrest Drive, $ 375.

Sarah Cooner to Warren H. Stimers, 328 Bowdoin Lane, $ 295.

Michael C. Janow to Nena E. Hornbuckle, 189 Valley View Heights, $ 120.

Mary VS and Gordon W. Anderson, as Trustees, at 3P Services, Inc., 117 Greeson Road, $ 645.

Lara K. Burton at The Vibe Group Inc., 221 Park Drive, $ 42.

Christopher Bullockl to Diane M. Volzer, 214 Brookstone Drive, $ 237.

Brian Stephen Randall and Therese Marie Randall RLT UTA at Cale Dufour, 2548 Dews Pond Road, $ 125.

Lynne Shaffer in Leigh Hodes, 710 Railey Ridge, $ 10.


The following properties have no real estate transfer tax due to the property being a gift, the parties involved in the transfer being political subdivisions of the United States or the State of Georgia, the parties involved either a public authority or a non-profit corporation, the property transferred during a divorce settlement, the deed takes the place of foreclosure, the deed is the division of property between the co-owners or the type of property, such as the half the interest, or the actual consideration is less than $ 1,000.

William L. Echols to James E. and Donna L. Green, card and package 1231-1591 and 1231-1592A, $ 1.

Jewel Pendley Hall at William R. Hall, 248 Erwin Road, $ 1.



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