Culture of Mallorca: Lighthouse of Cap de Formentor



About a month ago, access to Formentor has been restricted between km 2 and the beach and from the beach to the lighthouse between 10am and 7pm, but that didn’t stop people from visiting the lighthouse.

The gauging data recorded by the DGT record counters at the start of the restricted section and on the beach, reveals that most of the trips by private vehicle to the beach are between 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. and most are at dusk. 113,177 trips were recorded on the road between June 15 and July 17.

Restrictions have been in place between the beach and the Formentor lighthouse since 2018 and they have been extended to cover the entire route this year, for the first time.

Only previously authorized vehicles, such as workers and residents of the restricted area, vehicles with reduced mobility, emergency services and the Formentor shuttle can circulate between the beach and the lighthouse. during restricted hours.

Drivers who drive only from Puerto Pollença to the beach can apply for a permit and avoid paying a fine by keep drink receipts for Colomer and beach bars and tickets for sun loungers and beach parking as proof.

Drivers must send their DNI or NIE number, their first and last name, the photo of the ticket and their registration to [email protected] within three days of their visit to avoid paying a fine.

Registrations are compared to the authorized daily list and images of the license plates captured to determine possible infringements and whether a sanction procedure should be initiated, ”according to Tráfico.

The aim is to educate visitors and residents so that they use the shuttle instead of private vehicles visit Formentor.

The restrictions in Formentor will remain in effect until September 15th.



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