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TORONTO and GATINEAU, Quebec, June 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Converge Technology Solutions Corp. (“Converge” or “the Company”) (TSX: CTS) (FSE: 0ZB) (OTCQX: CTSDF) an IT and cloud solutions provider, is pleased to announce that its majority-owned subsidiary, Portage CyberTech Inc. (“Portage CyberTech” or “Portage”) acquired Notarius. Notarius is the thirty-third acquisition made by Converge or its affiliates and the third acquisition made by Portage CyberTech, A Converge Company.

Based in Montreal, Quebec, Notarius offers solutions that guarantee the long-term reliability of electronic documents. As a catalyst for digital trust, Notarius offers secure digital signatures, trusted electronic signatures and reliable signing tools throughout North America. Notarius is also the only Canadian firm to issue trusted signatures recognized by Adobe and Microsoft and certified according to eIDAS (Electronic IDentification, Authentication, and Trust Services) standards. For more than 25 years, Notarius has worked to build ecosystems of digital trust for identities and to ensure the authenticity of signed electronic documents in order to secure transactions between a wide variety of regulated professionals, business partners, customers, municipalities and government agencies.

“Joining the Portage CyberTech family offers tremendous opportunities to grow and improve Notarius’ solution offerings for professionals and organizations wishing to digitally transform and increase their productivity, while complying with laws and regulatory frameworks. This acquisition is a springboard for Notarius, which is taking advantage of Portage and Converge to solidify its partnerships and ensure its growth in North America,” said Patrick Drolet, Chief Executive Officer of Notarius.

“One of the most respected names in Canada and Quebec in digital identity and digital signature, Notarius, is also by far the leader in building and successfully maintaining important trust ecosystems, sometimes involving thousands of entities. This acquisition positions Portage CyberTech as an industry leader as digital identity evolves to include trusted data,” said Don Cuthbertson, CEO of Portage CyberTech. “In addition to being the leader in trusted ecosystems, the acquisition of Notarius will eventually allow us to add digital signature functionality to other offerings on our platform, as well as open the door to hundreds of new potential customers.”

Notarius marks the thirty-third acquisition announced by Converge or its affiliates since October 2017. The Converge family of companies also includes Corus Group, LLC; Northern Micro, Inc.; 10084182 Canada Inc. trading as Becker-Carroll; Key Information Systems, Inc.; BlueChip Tek, Inc.; Lighthouse Computer Systems, Inc.; Software Information Systems LLC. ; Nordisk Systems, Inc.; Essex Technology Group, Inc.; Datatrend Technologies, Inc.; VSS, LLC; PCD Solutions, Inc.; Unique Digital, Inc.; Workgroup Connections, Inc.; Vivo Application Studios LTD. ; Vicom Computer Services, Inc.; CarpeDatum LLC; Accudata Systems, Inc.; Dasher Technologies, Inc.; ExactlyIT, Inc.; REDNET GmbH; Vicom Infinity, Inc.; Infinity Systems Software, Inc.; LPA Software Solutions, LLC; OPIN Digital, Inc; Paragon Development Systems, Inc.; Visucom GmbH; 1CRM Systems Corp. ; Interdynamix systems; Creative Breakthroughs, Inc.; PC Specialists, Inc. d/b/a Technology Integration Group; and GfdB, ImfB and DEQSTER.

About Notarius

As a catalyst for digital trust, Notarius offers secure digital signatures, trusted electronic signatures and reliable signing tools throughout North America. Notarius’ solutions give electronic documents a higher level of legal reliability than a hand-signed paper document. They ensure the integrity and authenticity of electronic documents. By adopting Notarius’ solutions, professionals and organizations subject to strict legal requirements digitally transform their entire workflow while ensuring the long-term preservation of their electronic archives. Notarius collaborates with more than 50 professional associations in Canada and serves more than 4,000 businesses, universities and municipalities. The company manages over 50,000 digital identities.

About Portage CyberTech, a convergent company

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