Hunt the Sasquatch and summon UFOs in an unexplained Maine retreat



Strange and Unusual

There is a great scene in the movie beetle juice where Lydia says,

Well I have read this manual for the recently deceased. He said: ‘Living people ignore the strange and the unusual.’ I myself am strange and unusual.

And if you’re a fan of the weird and the unusual, Unxplained Maine might be the community for you.

Unexplained maine

Unexplained Maine is a community of like-minded people on Facebook who have experienced something inexplicable here in the State of Maine. At the time of publication, the group has over 500 members and is growing every day.

Upcoming Camp

According to WGME, the group is currently planning an outing to indulge in inexplicable experiments.

The event will take place September 10-12 at Acadia East Campground

Over the weekend, event attendees will participate in a midnight Sasquatch hunt and meet with experts to help them summon UFOs.

The event is open to 30 people who are open to discussing their experiences with the strange and the unusual and open to living more of them. For more details, click here and to join the Unexplained Maine Facebook group, click here.

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