Trial begins for man accused of killing Samantha Josephson of Robbinsville, NJ



The trial of Nathaniel Rowland, the man charged with the murder of Samantha Josephson from Robbinsville, NJ, has just started.

Opening argument began around 2:15 p.m. Tuesday as jury selection for the case concluded earlier today. The jury selection lasted about a day and a half in total. The seated jury is made up of 10 women and 6 men.

You can watch the opening arguments here

If convicted of murder, Rowland could be sentenced to life without parole. He has been in a local prison since his arrest in 2019. Prosecutors, however, are not prosecuting the death penalty, according to reports from Columbia, WIS-TV of South Carolina.

Nathaniel Rowland is accused of kidnapping and killing Samantha Josephson, a 21-year-old student, who was a student at the University of South Carolina at the time of her brutal murder in 2019.

Prosecutors said Josephson got into Rowland’s car after a night out with neighborhood friends, believing it to be an Uber she had asked to take her back to her dorm.

His body was found around 2 p.m., nearly 65 miles from the original abduction scene. His blood and cell phone were found in Rowland’s vehicle, police said.

Josephson got stuck in the car because the suspect had activated the child safety locks in his car, preventing the young woman from escaping.

After her death, Samantha’s family started the “What is my name” Foundation, which aimed to promote carpooling safety for all, including a call for all drivers to ask their drivers “what’s my name” before getting into a carpooling vehicle.

The trial is expected to last several days as many witnesses will be presented.

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