Forrest County EMA, volunteer firefighters welcoming Ida’s rescue campaign



FORREST COUNTY, Mississippi (WDAM) – The Forrest County Emergency Management Association and Volunteer Fire Services say minimal cleanup in the county after Hurricane Ida has been completed. Now it is time to put their efforts to help southern Louisiana.

Forrest County Fire Coordinator and Investigator Chip Brown say they have the resources to help those hardest hit.

“Many of us still remember Katrina and we were devastated here during Katrina. And even though Louisiana was damaged during Katrina, they were always the first on the ground here to bring us supplies and things for. our citizens. So me personally, I still remember it well and a lot of people here in the community so what I would like to do is give back to them. It’s our turn to give to them, “says Brown.

A supply drive for those affected by Hurricane Ida begins Tuesday and will continue next Monday.

Donations needed include:

  • Plastic buckets
  • Mops, bleach
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Flat head shovels
  • Baby food
  • Wipes and diapers
  • Canned products
  • Toilet paper
  • Bottled water

“They’re going to need water for a month. So they’re going to go through a lot of water, so don’t think everyone gets bottled water out there – they need it. They need these cleaning products to clean those homes that had water in them, ”says Brown.

Brown says they’re also on the hunt for new t-shirt, sock, and underwear packs. Pet food is also necessary.

“We can’t donate used clothes, but please packets of new plain t-shirts, socks and underwear are all very important,” says Brown.

If you would like to donate larger items such as generators, saws or gasoline cans, these are also accepted and will be given directly to the Southern Louisiana Volunteer Fire Department. If you would like to donate to purchase supplies, you can send it via Cash App to $ ForrestCountyFire.

“The stores might be reopening, but people are out of work, so they don’t have the funds to buy these things like those baby diapers, dog food, we don’t sometimes think of pets,” explains Brown. . “Pet food is expensive and it will be the last thing on their list to spend their little money on. So if we could donate these types of items that would be great. “

You can drop off your donations at the Forrest County Emergency Management Office during their hours of operation or anytime at your Forrest County Volunteer Fire Hall.

The collection ends next Monday and the supplies will be sent to volunteer firefighters in southern Louisiana next week.

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