San Antonio organization assists Haitian migrants arriving at downtown Greyhound bus station



San Antonio – Dozens of local volunteers welcome migrants arriving at the Greyhound bus station in the city center and guide them to their final destination.

“We almost exclusively welcome people who had been released from ICE detention and now we are seeing a lot more people who have been released at the border and are traveling to their families via San Antonio,” said Katie Myers, station outreach coordinator bus for the Interfaith Welcome Coalition.

Myers said he saw an increase in the number of migrants arriving from Del Rio over the past week.

Many families are Haitian and travel for different reasons.

“I think the things that are happening that cause people to migrate haven’t changed, you know, the climate change issues, the justice issues, the crime and violence issues and ineffective governments and lack of ‘opportunities,’ Myers said.

Migrants say the recent devastating earthquake in Haiti and the assassination of their president are also the reason they are leaving.

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“There are some places that have a reputation of being places you definitely don’t want to go and other places that are considered to be, you know, relatively safer,” Myers said.

When migrants arrive at the San Antonio bus station, Interfaith Welcome Coalition volunteers give them food, water, baby items and guide them to their final destination.

“If they have to get to the airport because they have a flight, we help them get to the airport. If they’re stuck here overnight and need shelter, we also help them connect them, ”Myers said.

They work closely with other groups such as Catholic Charities, RAICES, the City of San Antonio and the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas.

“It’s a real privilege and honestly it makes you very humbled to be a part of this experience,” Myers said.

Myers said they have around 70 to 90 volunteers who work seven days a week welcoming people to San Antonio.

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To volunteer or donate, visit the Interfaith Welcome Coalition website here.

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