Cedar Point makes serious changes this winter, plus 2022 plans



This is the time of year when we have to change gears and say goodbye to hot weather and hello to winter activities like ice skating, skiing and ice fishing. We have lots of choices in the mitten for winter fun.

Relax though, before you know that it will be spring again and we can do all the hot weather things we love to do again, like sunbathing, warm walks on the hiking trails and our favorite rides at Cedar Point. .

Cedar Point is closed for the winter, but things will be happening there in the coming months.

What’s on the way to Cedar Point

Tony Clark, the Parks Communications Director and wxyz.com let us know what will be happening during the winter months at Cedar Point.

We’re going to say goodbye to Wicked Twister. The train has already left and workers are disconnecting things and the whole ride will be turned upside down in the coming weeks.

As for what else is going on, Clark said the crews are breaking down from HalloWeekends, and the first round that gets his rehab is Blue Streak, the oldest coaster. According to Clark, his trains are sent to a company that makes wooden roller coaster trains and specializes in remodeling, inspection and construction.

So my question is, what will happen in the Wicked Twister area, well, Clark has stated that he is “preparing for further development”. Hmmm, maybe another fun and crazy ride?

What else in 2022

I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Next year there will also be an improved Safari Village area, accommodation and dining areas. Plus a Kings Village 50th anniversary celebration.

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