Abbotsford Restorative Justice is looking for volunteer participants


Abbotsford Restorative Justice and Advocacy Association (ARJAA) is looking for participants who are passionate about peace and justice.

The non-profit organization has served Abbotsford for over 20 years. Its vision is that the process of justice must be integrated into the community where the crime and the conflict take place.

When a case is referred to ARJAA by the Abbotsford Police Department or another community source, community members are directly involved in the process.

They bring responsible parties together with those who have been affected to discuss openly and honestly the impact of their actions and the best way forward.

These restorative justice conferences are co-facilitated by a trained facilitator and a trained community volunteer. A volunteer is also present to transcribe the results of the conference.

In addition to relying on community volunteers, ARJAA runs a mentorship program that matches responsible adult volunteers with youth who are going through the restorative justice process or who are otherwise at risk.

“Having a mentor during difficult times in life can help equip young people with life skills that can be used to positively shape their future,” says an ARJAA press release.

“When the community is engaged and integrated into the justice process, it lets all involved parties know that there are members of the community who care about how they have been affected by crime and conflict. and that they are ready to support them in difficult times.

“For the person responsible, it provides them with the support they need to take responsibility for their actions and make amends to the people they have harmed and the community itself.”

Those interested in getting involved should contact the Mentoring Coordinator at 604-864-4820 or [email protected].

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