‘She Needs Help’ Volunteers, Customers Call on Community to Help Save Elderly Transportation Service in Northern Tioga County



CITY OF RICHFORD (WBNG) – The North Tioga Neighbors Network is asking for your help so they can continue to help others.

The network offers trips to those with Richford, Newark Valley or Berkshire postcodes. They include trips to doctor’s appointments, as well as help with shopping and picking up prescriptions.

They say they only have four board members now, but need six to eight members as well as volunteer drivers to continue providing the service. They say the board members take care of community outreach as well as coordination of services.

Drivers are responsible for providing rides to residents as they can. Once a request is made, it will be sent to the volunteers, and they can accept or decline.

Service is crucial for residents like Elaine Knapp, who recently had total knee replacement surgery and cannot drive herself.

These communities are scattered and they’re small, maybe they don’t have as many services in these small towns as they do in a place like Binghamton or Ithaca where it’s all right there, “she said.” I can’t even take an Uber. An Uber to get me to a PT meeting would cost me $ 50. “

Network Treasurer Janice Merrill says service is essential to ensuring the safety and health of elderly residents.

“There are a lot of people who drive and maybe shouldn’t drive and they just need that extra level of transportation support someone they can call and say I really need to. can you help me do that, “

Volunteer George Lohmann encourages anyone who can volunteer and help keep the organization alive.

“My client lives on a dirt road, all alone with her dogs, and she needs help,” he said.

To volunteer, you can contact Janice Merrill at (607) 657-2823, or you can find out more about organizing and volunteering on the Village of Newark Valley Facebook page.



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