Volunteers in blue help Pittston rebuild



86 Lowe’s volunteers helped with the “100 Hometowns” project.

PITTSTON, Pa .– An army of volunteers in light blue has stormed the town of Pittston to help with some renovation and cleanup projects around town.

“So today is part of an ongoing ‘100 Hometowns Project’ with Lowe’s and today’s play is their volunteer play,” said Michael Lombardo, Mayor of Pittston.

“It’s been a fantastic time,” said Jessica Vickerson, manager of Lowe. “So there’s been a lot of logistical prep work with supplies and volunteers. We have associates from northeastern Pennsylvania, the southern part of New York, all of them have come together to work about 86 volunteers here today. hui. “

The main objective of these volunteers is to build the academy of the arts which will be upstairs on Main Street.

It’s a project that gave the city a grant to do the job, as well as help. Mayor Michael Lombardo says the one-day work here would have taken the city’s volunteers weeks.

“So in that space you see, you see basic framing, you see electricity, you see insulation, you see prep work for drywall, then you see drywall, so They’ll be installing the drywall, but not finishing it today, ”Lombardo said.

In addition to the work in the future academy of the arts, Lowe’s volunteers also did a lot of other things in the town of Pittston.

“Do some cleaning, then do some landscaping,” Lombardo said. “So it’s been a great effort to have all these people that you know, we can start a bunch of different projects.”

“We’re used to stacking sticks and bricks flat in our store, taking care of our customers, but it’s a great time to interact with the community,” said Vickerson.

“Honestly, the opportunity to give back to the community the support of this great project here in Pittston is awesome and honestly, with all the COVID restrictions, we didn’t have a lot of time to get together so we had all of my 13s. stores, to be able to participate, to work together, to have some collaboration is fantastic, ”said Jason Noel, District Manager.



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