US Coast Guard Marquette Station Boating Safety Tips


MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) – Many people in UP and across the country are celebrating the unofficial start of summer. While everyone plans to have fun, the Marquette Coastguard Station offers tips for being safe on the water.

Station members like Cheyenne Basurto said communication was key.

“Make sure someone on earth knows where you’re going, knows when you’re going, and knows how long you’re going to be away. Make sure you know the weather ahead of time,” Basurto said.

Boaters are also advised to know the amount of gasoline in the vessel before leaving. Also, Petty Officer Third Class Mckenna Shook reminds everyone that it is illegal to drink while operating a boat.

“Have fun, but limit yourself. If you want to drink, have someone else drive,” Shook said. “Sober up and drink some water on yourself.”

All of that advice was shared at the resort’s open house on Friday, where members of the Coast Guard discussed what they do. Marquette City Police and NMU Public Safety were among other groups present at the event.

In the photo, Rocks Park rangers like Joseph Hughes were also present. He says everyone should be aware of any rip currents in Lake Superior.

“Check the weather, not just the weather app on your phone, but actual marine weather,” Hughes said. “What are the currents doing, what are the winds doing, and plan accordingly.”

If you get caught in a rip current, remember to stay calm and swim parallel to the shore. Basurto also says to watch out for anything unexpected.

“Boaters and swimmers should always be aware of their surroundings. Other vessels, any object in the water, either a rock or a tree, or even a buoy,” Basurto said.

The Coast Guard and National Park Service also want to remind everyone of rule number one when getting out on the water: always wear a life jacket.

To learn how to develop a security plan and report suspicious activity, download the US Coast Guard Mobile App.

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