Missouri Man Dedicated to Volunteering During Retirement


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – What do you want to do in retirement? Sometimes the answer is to travel or be with loved ones. But the response of a man from Ozarks was to help others.

And that’s exactly what it does.

Tim Dunn retired in Iowa. For the past 20 years, he has led a distribution and manufacturing organization based in Bettendorf, Iowa. Dunn has been in the Quad Cities area for 35 years. When he retired, he decided to go back to where he grew up: the Ozarks.

Dunn was a Springfield Public Schools student who graduated from Parkview. He started his career in the Ozarks before moving to the Quad Cities.

Now that Dunn is back in southwest Missouri, he’s spending time with his family and giving back to a nonprofit. For the past three months he has driven from Table Rock Lake to Springfield. He does it almost every week.

“I asked if there was a place closer to volunteer and there wasn’t,” Dunn said. “This is where the need is, so this is where I will come.”

In September 2021, the need arises for a future Habitat for Humanity house on Main Avenue.

“I started here at the main house while she was still being framed,” Dunn said. “I had the opportunity to work at several other Habitat houses where they needed volunteer help on a particular day.

Dunn retired in April 2021. He could be sitting on his couch right now if he wanted to. But instead, he devotes his time to volunteering.

“I mean, I’m taking the opportunity to enjoy part of my retirement and that’s the big part of being a volunteer,” Dunn said. “But I have been extraordinarily blessed. God has blessed me with the ability to retire early while I am still able to physically contribute. I just think it’s important to give back while you can.

He has done interior work on a few Habitat en ville projects.

“People show where their commitments are by how not only do they spend their money, but where do they spend their time,” Dunn said. “When you’ve been as lucky as I have been and been financially fortunate to have good health, a great family, and you know not everyone appreciates all of these blessings. And, so it’s just important.

That’s what Dunn tries to remind his children as they start a family of their own.

“That it’s not just about you,” Dunn said. “It’s about other members of your community and doing what you can to participate and help. “

He says he doesn’t do this to attract attention or appreciate it, but Habitat wanted to show some love anyway. The organization winked at him on his Facebook page.

Habitat for Humanity chief of staff Chris Tuckness says Tim’s efforts do not go unnoticed.

“[Dunn] is a great volunteer, ”said Tuckness. “We love having it. Just his dedication is huge. Driving here to help us in our houses until the end result and get somebody affordable housing. We love having him on our team. His commitment is simply incredible. Any volunteer with Habitat is truly amazing. It helps our team to make our homes faster. This helps offset the costs. Volunteers like Tim do it.

Dunn says his wife volunteers with him sometimes and does some painting. Her son also helped.

If you would like to volunteer with Habitat, email [email protected]

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