Lighthouse Mission Ministries Partners with Comcast to Help People Prepare for Work



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The addition of a mobile computer lab, provided through a generous donation from Comcast, is helping Lighthouse Mission Ministries in Bellingham prepare men and women for employment.

The lab, valued at around $ 15,000, includes 16 laptops, a projector, and a printer that are securely stored in a rolling cart for easy transportation between buildings.

The mobile lab was used as part of a four-week resume writing course offered to the men and women of LMM’s Agape Home and Ascent program. The course was taught by Ashley Mureno, Human Resources Coordinator for Lighthouse Mission. “The class and the effort of the participants will allow them to find a job and to present themselves in their best light,” said Mureno.

Ashley Mureno, Human Resources Coordinator at Lighthouse Mission, teaches a resume writing course with the new Mobile Computing Lab. Photo courtesy of the Lighthouse Mission

“Using laptops during class was a big help. As I reviewed the next step in the CV writing process or showed an example, participants could look at their own CV draft and see what to do next. With the laptops, the classroom was able to be truly interactive and more engaging.

Beyond resume writing, the class researched available jobs, searched local job boards, and reviewed basic computer skills such as editing documents, using Google Drive and seizure.

One class participant said it was “a must. I’ve never had a CV before. I definitely improved a bit and learned something new.

In addition to the mobile computer lab, Comcast has partnered with LMM on its Lift Zone initiative, which will provide fast, free internet access to the Base Camp emergency homeless shelter for the next three years. The goal of the Lift Zone Initiative is to help bridge the digital divide and ensure that digital information and resources are accessible to everyone, according to Comcast. Many people rely on community centers for internet access and now Base Camp is another Lift Zone location available.

“Our work with Lighthouse Mission is focused on addressing the digital equity gap, providing affordable internet connectivity to local families and people coming out of homelessness,” said Vincent Buys, Head of Government Affairs for Comcast in Bellingham. “By donating laptops and opening up a lift area for the lighthouse mission, we can take this work one step further by powering this secure shelter with robust WiFi connectivity that their families can use while they receive a on-site assistance. “

Hans Erchinger-Davis, Executive Director of Lighthouse Mission Ministries, said: “We are delighted with all the possibilities that these new technologies offer our customers. In a world where we depend on connectivity, we’re grateful to partner with companies like Comcast to help people grow and learn new skills, so they can thrive.

Lighthouse Mission Ministries has been helping the homeless since 1923. It supports up to 310 people every day and provides a continuum of services aimed at ending homelessness through street awareness, improved shelters, addiction recovery, spiritual support and aftercare. To donate or volunteer, call (360) 733-5120, or visit

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