Coast Guard seizes $233 million worth of drugs, dumps them in San Diego


The US Coast Guard seized more than $223 million worth of cocaine and marijuana last week, shortly before it was all unloaded in San Diego.

As Fox 5 According to reports, Coast Guard Cutter Kimball, Coast Guard Cutter Legare and Coast Guard Cutter Spencer, along with the Canadian vessel, Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Yellowknife, all worked together to seize the drugs in international waters via the ‘Pacific Ocean. The US Coast Guard public affairs officer said the drugs accounted for “eight interdictions of suspected drug trafficking vessels between February and March 2022”.

“To everyone involved in the dangerous and illegal drug trade, you cannot hide your crimes on the high seas,” said Randy Grossman, U.S. District Attorney for Southern California. “Whether you’re a pivot or a crew member, you’re on our radar, and it’s only a matter of time before you’re arrested and brought to justice.”

The drugs, which were sent to the DEA for later destruction, were the first unloading in San Diego this year and marked an average load compared to previous seizures. As NBC 7 shares, the drugs consisted of 11,300 pounds of cocaine and 4,076 pounds of marijuana, all of which were seized during eight interdictions. Kimball’s commanding officer, Captain Thomas D’Arcy, said 15 people were arrested when the drugs were seized.

“Illegal drugs cost our country nearly $200 billion each year in crime, health, safety and lost productivity,” said Coast Guard Pacific Zone Commander Michael McAllister. “But it’s not just about keeping drugs off the streets of our country,” he said. “Our combined operations are making important contributions to regional stability in Central and South America, and far-reaching security implications along our southwestern border.”


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