Coast Guard rescues lone sailor in distress


The Noosa Coast Guard anchored the rescued sailor’s boat in sheltered Woods Bay.

Margie Maccoll

The Noosa Coast Guard came to the aid of a lone sailor off Teewah Beach who called for help after suspecting he was suffering from a heart attack last Sunday morning.

Coast Guard Commander Ian Hutchins said the Coast Guard received a call from the Tin Can Bay Coast Guard for help at 7 a.m. and sent a rescue vessel with a defibrillator and oxygen and a crew member trained in first aid a few minutes later.

Captain Hutchins said the team requested a medical evacuation helicopter rescue service but was told it was unavailable due to a malfunctioning winch.

The rescue team received another call at 8am saying the man was “not well. He had chest pains. He had a history of heart attacks and had had a stroke in the past,” they were told.

At 8:15 a.m., the Coast Guard had stopped alongside the yacht, brought the sailor on board and administered first aid. A Coast Guard crew member remained on the man’s yacht.

The team returned to Munna Point base, calling ahead for an ambulance who met them on arrival at 8:45 a.m., and he was taken to hospital.

Captain Hutchins said the salvage team then returned to the yacht and, after sending a second crew member aboard the yacht, towed her over Noosa Bar to anchor her safely at Woods Bay.


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