American Countess Riverboat docks at Kimmswick on Friday



This is the second time this summer that a steamboat will dock in the small river town, generating much-needed tourist income.

KIMMSWICK, Mo. – The American Countess is due to dock in Kimmswick late Friday morning. The paddle steamer is one of four ships operated by the American Queen Steamboat Company.

Kimmswick Mayor Phil Stang said he was in contact with the crew of the American Countess and estimated their arrival between 11 a.m. and noon. But he warned that the arrival time is fluid.

He said about 80 people are on the Mississippi River cruise. The city will welcome passengers with a small ceremony and deliver a proclamation to the crew.

Last month, Kimmswick welcomed the American Countess’ sister ship, the American Duchess. It was the first passenger riverboat to use the city’s new $ 1.3 million port.

Stang said sightseeing buses would be waiting for passengers to take them to local attractions, including: Mastodon State Park, Kimmswick Historical Society Museum, LaChance Vineyards, and Anheuser Museum and Estate. Passengers will also have the option of visiting local boutiques and gift shops.

The American Countess is expected to leave Kimmswick around 10 p.m. this evening.

Stang said riverboats docked in his town will help generate much-needed income. In 2020, Kimmswick was asking for donations to help the city run. The pandemic canceled the famous strawberry and apple butter festivals in 2020. Stang said these festivals accounted for 80% of the city’s revenue.

Stang described the current conditions as “light and average,” but said the city is achieving this by tightening its belt and cutting costs. He said the 2021 Strawberry Festival has helped and he looks forward to the Apple Butter Festival in October.



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