Where to find the 2021 Christmas lights in and around Olympia


It’s time for the Christmas lights, and a quick look at some decorated rooftops, porches and courtyards on the way back is a fun detour. Swing by some cheerful twinkle lights with the kids after dinner. Grab a coffee or a coco and take an evening stroll to see all the lights you can. Each exhibition invites a treasure hunt among humorous characters and endless creative scenes. Seeing these twinkles in person is a can’t-miss event that only happens at this time of year. Here’s where to find the 2021 Christmas lights in Olympia and throughout Thurston County

Candy Cane Lane at Kelley Ranch

66th Avenue NW, Olympia

Exit onto Steamboat Island Road NW and head west on 66th Avenue NW. See the “Dog Pound” or Nativity scene in this neighborhood as well as a king-size teddy bear. Candy Cane Lane’s Facebook ad says they are also accepting donations for the Thurston County Food Bank. Come see the lights which are Thursdays from 5-10 p.m., Fridays and Saturdays from 5-10:30 p.m. The lights will come on these nights until New Years Day.

Also don’t miss 2520 Island Drive NW. They have three lots you can drive through, or they invite you to stop and watch the light up close! They have lots of inflatables as well as lights, including Santa’s RV park, a Jurassic Park Dino Land, a manager’s stage and more. This display is illuminated from dusk to 9 p.m.

holiday lights 2021 steamboat olympia
B2520 Island Drive NW has three lots of Christmas lights, inflatables and fun exhibits for you to enjoy this holiday season. photo credit: clhilby

Western Olympia Winter Wonderland at Westbrook Park

2203 Park Circle SW, Olympia

Turn east from Black Lake Boulevard onto Park Drive SW. 2203 Park Circle SW is the first cul-de-sac on the left. A glittering Santa Claus is on the roof being pulled in a sleigh by reindeer. Admire stars, snowmen, an inflatable unicorn and more. A small forest of lighted trees is new this year. This display is on from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. daily.

Continue east on Park Drive up the hill, winding through large trees to the next part of the neighborhood. At the corner of Park Drive and Silvan View Court SW is a huge multicolored display of lights strung throughout the landscaping. At the top of the hill, an electric blue moon seems to float in the trees.

Lake Olympia West Ken

Ken Lake Drive SW, Olympia

Also accessible from Black Lake Boulevard, the Ken Lake neighborhood offers a variety of light shows. Drive east on Ken Lake Drive SW from Black Lake Boulevard to Lakemoor Drive SW which is a long loop. Halfway through the ride, if you ride counter-clockwise, there is a house with moving lights accompanied by music. Tune in to 107.9 as the sign in the yard will remind you. There’s a big inflatable Snoopy on a plane where the loop turns south.

Southeast Olympia

Holiday Lights 2021 Olympia Southeast
Between Carlyon Avenue SE and North Street SE near Olympia High School there are intermittently very richly decorated lawns and rooftops. Photo credit: Rebecca Sanchez

North Street SE, Olympia

As you walk the streets between Carlyon Avenue SE and North Street SE near Olympia High School, you’ll find quaint lights around windows, doors, and arched lattices. Intermittently there are very richly decorated lawns and roofs. Passers-by will see a Santa and a snowman swinging on a moving seesaw on Lorne Street SE. Lit wreaths, candy canes, and a nativity scene all make for a great game of “I Spy.” Another house with glowing icicle arches has a larger-than-life Santa towering over the roof. Along North Street, a few passes may be needed to take advantage of all of a home’s many features. A Baby Yoda and a Star Wars AT-AT walker join Santa’s village and sleigh. Inflatable unicorns, a swan and a Santa-ridden dinosaur also add to the mix.

Other “must see” addresses in Olympia include:

  • 7916 Diagonal Road SE
  • 3330 Lorne Street SE
  • 2920 Street SW – Christmas Island
  • 7140 Deerfield Park Drive NE
  • 2214 Walnut Tree Loop SE

  • 1630 26and Avenue NE – lighting from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. until December 31.

The Farm at Yelm Highway

Holiday Lights 2021 Olympia -The-Farm-Palomino-Drive
The farm at Yelm Highway and Palomino Drive has a pair of houses on a cul-de-sac that light up the night with two large screens. Photo credit: Rebecca Sanchez

Palomino Drive SE, Olympia

Take Palomino Drive SE south from Yelm Highway. Follow Harvest Drive west to its end. A pair of houses in the cul-de-sac light up the night with two large screens. Lights line the eaves of a house and outline its trees like electric paint. A Santa Claus on a chimney and another driving a sleigh and reindeer can be seen crossing the neighbour’s roof.


1710 Ridgeview Loop SW, Tumwater

christmas light poster tumwater ridgeview mrs claus
Mrs. Claus hands out treats on Ridgeview Loop SW in Lacey. Photo credit: Lisa Ayala

Head to Ridgeview Loop SW in Tumwater for an amazing Christmas display! Madame Noël will even be there to distribute mini stockings filled with candy, some children will even be able to receive a book or a stuffed animal! Be sure to check out the Living Christmas Card with animatronics, blow molds, lights and more.

Also be sure to visit 2109 Brookside Rd SW, Tumwater and 303 Ferry Street SW, Tumwater!


Narada Court SE, Lacey

Continuing on Yelm Highway and up Ruddell Road SE, holiday light lovers will find Narada Court. From Ruddell Road SE, head west on 54th Avenue SE, then right on Narada Court. Several Nativity scenes and inflatables are surrounded by twinkling lights. Mickey Mouse, penguins and snowmen abound. A pig-Santa Claus and another Santa Claus with reindeer and a sleigh share the cul-de-sac. You will find illuminated candy canes, an inflatable swan and a mechanical mailbox. Even Olaf from “Frozen” and the Grinch join the scene. Exit Narada Court, turn right, continue west on 54th Avenue to a house with an electronic Christmas calendar countdown, glitter tricycle and polar bears.

Also, don’t miss Santis Loop SE. The Schilter Farm HOA has quite a few houses that are decorated along the street for a festive walk.

Epic Lights – 4819 50th Avenue SW, Lacey

If you want to see an amazing and carefully choreographed light show, head to 50th Avenue! Epic Lights has hundreds of lights set to music – be sure to tune in to 107.9! The shows take place from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. every evening.

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