Washington County Restaurant Inspections



Critical infractions are the factors leading to foodborne illness and must be corrected immediately. Non-critical violations relate to maintaining food operations and cleanliness.


June 28

The doe restaurant

316 W. Dickson Street, Fayetteville

Critical Infractions: No hand soap was available at the prior hand washing sink.

Non-critical violations: none

Gabriela’s Mexican Restaurant

861 E. Heritage Parkway, Prairie Grove

Critical violations: none

Non-critical offenses: products and tortillas in boxes stored on the floor in the cold room. Cans of meat stored on the floor in the freezer. Bag of rice stored on the ground in the dry storage room. No heat test strips or dish temperature plate for the bar dishwasher. The water temperature in the dishwasher at the bar was 106.4 degrees.

Baby bed

1120 Mathias Drive, Springdale

Critical Offenses: No handwashing sign at any handwashing sinks. Coleslaw in the refrigeration unit at 45 degrees. Temperature control for safety, food should be kept cold at 41 degrees or less.

Non-critical violations: The pipes under the sink for washing hands by smokers are wrapped in duct tape.

Nutrition point at sunset

318 W. Sunset Ave., Suite A, Springdale

Critical offenses: the refrigerator contains fruit, whole strawberries at 47 degrees. The chemical spray bottle does not have a label.

Non-critical offenses: the food worker wears rings and a bracelet. The food worker has no hair protection.

Taqueria Guanajuato

103 N. Thompson Street, Springdale

Critical Infractions: Food packaging for customer self-service (rice pudding, bionico, custard) does not have a label.

Non-Critical Infractions: The refrigerator in the dining room does not have a thermometer.

June 29

Italian Cuisine Noodles

3748 N. Mall Ave., Fayetteville

Critical Infractions: Food workers perform different activities with gloves, they do not change gloves, and wash their hands before touching ready-to-eat foods. In the cooler, the cheesecake is uncovered. Ranch dressing dates June 20, Caesar dressing dates June 19 and in the prep table and salad area Chemical disinfectant sprays do not have a label.

Non-Critical Infractions: Prep tables and the refrigerator do not have a thermometer or are located in an area where they are not easy to read. The ice cream scoop is stored in standing water at 75 degrees, and utensils in the grill area are in a bucket with standing water at 86 degrees. The ice scoop is stored in the surfaces of the ice machine. The handle of the manual can opener needs repair. Boxes for keeping food packaged for the customer are not clean. Food permit expired on 02/28/2021.

Mexican Qdoba Eats

637 boul. E. Joyce, suite 110, Fayetteville

Critical Violations: Steam table: black beans at 113 degrees, pinto beans at 111 degrees.

Non-Critical Violations: Equipment used to keep food hot is not functioning properly. Cardboard boxes with tortilla chips are stored in contact with the ground. Food employee lacks hair protection. Air conditioning water is leaking from the ceiling (at the end of the service line area, no food or utensils in that area). Some areas of the walls and floor are unclean. The current license is not displayed.

Back barbecue

5909 Elm Springs Road, Springdale

Critical Infractions: The refrigerator holds up to 50 degrees. Mayo was at 50 degrees and potato salad at 39 degrees. Food should be kept cold at 41 degrees or less. The potato salad, turkey thighs, and other items in the fridge had no date. Foods prepared in the food truck and stored for more than 24 hours must have a date stamped on the product.

Non-critical violations: none

Sabor Guacamole

1120 avenue N. Liddell, Fayetteville

Critical violations: none

Non-critical violations: Test strips not available at time of inspection.

Southwestern Saguaro Grill

5817 West, chemin Jess Anderson, Fayetteville

Critical violations: none

Non-critical violations: Cheese at 57 degrees in the refrigerator and should be stored at 41 degrees or less.

Thai spice

1189 N. Steamboat Drive, Suite 1, Fayetteville

Critical Infractions: The orange juice in the bar fridge was 50 degrees and half and half in the back fridge at 45 degrees.

Non-Critical Violations: Several items in the cold room were not dated. Bar refrigerators lack thermometers. A bag of onions and cases of onions were stored on the floor in the cold room. The permit payment receipt has been posted.

June 30th

El Esquima, 400 W. Sunset Ave., Springdale

Critical Infractions: In the refrigerator, half of the watermelon and the other half of the cantaloupe are discovered. Mayonnaise at 59 degrees (on the table). The watermelon and mixed fruit were prepared on Monday June 28; they do not have an individual date mark.

Non-critical offenses: the food worker has no hair protection. The food worker wears a bracelet.

Waffle House, 1281 S. 48th St., Springdale

Critical infractions: cold-keeping omelet station containing ham, tomato slices, diced onions at 50 degrees. Food should be kept cool at 41 degrees below.

Non-critical violations: none

1st of July

Einstein bagels

1500 N. College Ave., Fayetteville

Critical Infractions: While donning disposable gloves, a food business worker smashed raw shell eggs, then touched cooked eggs with a gloved finger without washing his hands or changing gloves.

Non-critical offenses: The head of the food workers wears a bracelet.

Kum & Go

2388 N. College Ave., Fayetteville

Critical violations: none

Non-critical infractions: Condensation from the compressor collects water in the rear corner where the single-use wrapped and wrapped cups are stored. The dresser in the men’s toilet is broken. The outer covers of the dumpster and used oil containers are open.

La Huerta

2356 N. College Ave., Fayetteville

Critical Infractions: Two pots of 6/28 cooked pork stored in the bedroom fridge near the doorway are at 52 degrees. A container with a small amount of chili verde pork stored in an upright refrigerator is dated 6/23. A container of cooked rice stored in an upright refrigerator does not have a disposal date marking.

Non-Critical Violations: A three-compartment sink in the bar area drain pipe is leaking into a bucket below and the ice bin drain pipe is blocked and overflows into a bucket below. The Certified Manager certification document is in the office and is not available.

Ozark Lane Cafe

2300B N. College Ave., Fayetteville

Critical Offenses: The hand washing sink does not have disposable towels. Food employee reuses a cloth napkin.

Non-Critical Infractions: The hand washing sink in the washroom does not contain an employee handwashing notice. Part of the wire mesh of the hand flour sifter is damaged. A food worker washed his hands at the three-compartment sink. The Certified Food Manager certification document is not available and the chef does not work today.

The following establishments did not commit any infringements during the reference period:

June 28 – Fat Daddy’s Place, 20674 Arkansas 59 South, Evansville; Shave It, 16998 S. Dutch Mills Road, Lincoln; Vibe Nutrition, 1000 N. Garland Ave., Fayetteville; Whole Hog Cafe, 3009 N. College Ave., Fayetteville

June 29 – Bolder Coffee, 1025 N. Garland Ave., Fayetteville; Boston Mountain Brewing, 121 W. Township St., Suite 11, Fayetteville; Dollar Tree, 1324 N. College Ave., Fayetteville; Gabriela’s, 330 E. Main St., Farmington; Leverett Lounge, 737 N. Leverett Ave., Suite 1, Fayetteville; Little Taco House, 1192 N. Garland Ave., Fayetteville; The Candy Event, 1348 N. College Ave., Fayetteville; Venesian Inn, 582 W. Henri De Tonti Blvd., Tontitown; Yancey Dickson Street Dogs, 3532 W. Providence Drive, Fayetteville; Dickson Street Dogs Two de Yanez, 3532 W. Providence Drive, Fayetteville

June 30 – Gardens at Arkanshire, 5000 Arkanshire Circle, Springdale; Lucky Luke’s BBQ, 1220 N. Garland Ave., Fayetteville; Roller City, 1007 Century St., Springdale

July 1 – Burger King, 1730 Martin Luther King Jr., Blvd., Fayetteville

July 2 – Dollar General, 1221 S. School Ave., Fayetteville; G’s Meaty Bun’s, 2421 N. Center St., Suite B, Elkins; Pace of the Ozarks, 813 Founders Park Drive, Suite 107, Springdale; Walgreens, 300 N. Township Street, Fayetteville



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