Volunteers work all day to clear the damage caused by the Louisiana tornado


Arabi, La. (WALA) – Homes demolished, cars overturned and businesses damaged. Arabi is in trouble, but they are not alone.

Dozens of people have moved in and out of the area since the storm passed to help.

” It’s horrible. I have never seen anything like it. It’s something that so many people experience. It’s heartbreaking,” said Megian Helsel.

“There was debris everywhere. The building is destroyed right next to me. It’s incredible. Not only did I show up, but people I didn’t even know showed up to help. We swept and cleaned all day. This place was a total mess when I arrived here this morning. Now you can actually walk on it without tripping,” said Steve Ordes.

And the work is not just cosmetic. The owners received water, hand sanitizer and other items.

Volunteer Group ‘St. Bernard Gives Back’ even brought homemade food to the residents.

“So grateful. Like I said, they’ve been through hurricanes. A lot of the houses on this street here have never, they may have had flooding, but they’ve never had structural damage like they have,” Linda Template said.

And for these volunteers, it won’t just be a one-day thing. They will keep coming back to serve these people and help them get back on their feet.


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