VIKAND Sponsors US Coast Guard AMVER Awards at SMM 2022


Global healthcare specialist VIKAND co-sponsored the annual Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue System (AMVER) awards at last week’s SMM event in Hamburg.

Developed by the US Coast Guard with support from commercial shipping officials, AMVER is a global online voluntary vessel reporting system used by search and rescue authorities to organize assistance to anyone in distress at sea. .

The awards were organized in Hamburg by the US Embassy in Germany to reward any commercial vessel that voluntarily becomes an AMVER participant. A total of 342 German-managed vessels, on behalf of 57 German-managed companies, were awarded.

ABS and StormGeo co-sponsored the event with VIKAND, with welcoming remarks from US Consul General Jason Chue.
The awards were presented by Benjamin Strong, Director, AMVER Maritime Relations, US Coast Guard. He said: “It was a pleasure to come together again in person to celebrate the commitment to safety at sea. The contribution of German sailors and ship managers is demonstrated by the awards they have won for accepting assist in search and rescue cases around the world. The U.S. Coast Guard AMVER Awards are a means of recognizing German ships that have saved lives at sea or who, at great financial risk, diverted from a voyage to search for persons in distress at sea. We commend the German recipients.

Some of the Amver Prize winners

Speaking on behalf of VIKAND, Senior Vice President of Business Partnerships Bo Larsen said:

“Thank you to the organizers for organizing this event and congratulations to all the recipients. We feel privileged to continue supporting the AMVER program which recognizes the selfless acts of seafarers to save lives every day. AMVER aligns very closely with Vikand’s goal of providing easy access to healthcare for seafarers and reducing significant medical issues on board ships, resulting in safer and safer ship operations. more efficient.

“Our experienced maritime medical team is trained to treat crew members anywhere in the world with pre-existing conditions, as well as those suffering from sudden illnesses and injuries. We work proactively to maintain the physical and mental health of the crew, as they may one day be called upon to rescue someone in distress at sea.

“This program is close to our hearts because it aligns with our vision of working together to promote a safer maritime industry. We first supported the AMVER Awards at Nor-Shipping in April, when we took the opportunity, together with key shipping industry partners, to launch the Seafarer Human Sustainability Declaration. to unite the maritime industry around a mission, prioritizing the welfare of seafarers, and a focus that is needed more than ever, post-pandemic.
Source: VIKAND


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