US and UK tried to hijack Russian coastguard system, diplomat says – Russian Politics & Diplomacy



MOSCOW, July 6. / TASS /. The US and UK attempted to hijack Russia’s coast guard system through their provocation with a destroyer in the Black Sea, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said in an interview to International Affairs magazine.

According to him, Washington and London fully understood the consequences of such actions and understood the nature of Moscow’s reaction. “And again, they tried to test our resolve to respond with force if necessary, and tried to hijack our coast guard system and the system for controlling our waters,” the senior diplomat said. “It is clear that they tried to achieve a lot of goals with it, which is dismal.”

“I hope the British Admiralty, Downing Street, the Pentagon and the White House have learned something from this escalation,” he said.

Ryabkov also mentioned the international Sea Breeze 2021 exercises which “caught the attention” of Moscow. “We are ready to push back any opportunist,” he stressed. “But we warn that it would be better to keep the Black Sea at peace rather than trying to stoke the vengeful feelings shared by a significant part of Kiev’s rulers. The UK and US are doing this on purpose to feed these illusions of revenge in Kiev. We see through. “



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