Ukraine: United Kingdom – Ukraine joint press release


The UK’s partnership with Ukraine has spanned over thirty years, based on a shared commitment to democratic principles, human rights and equality; international peace and security; promote the benefits of trade and investment liberalization within the framework of the rules-based world trading system; and the principle that nations should be free to choose their own path to develop and prosper.

The UK-Ukraine Political, Free Trade and Strategic Partnership Agreement signed by Prime Minister Johnson and President Zelenskyy on October 8, 2020, reflects the breadth and depth of our relationship.

At the first meeting of the Strategic Dialogue on December 8, Foreign Minister Truss and Foreign Minister Kuleba discussed ways to strengthen trade ties and enhance cooperation for 2022 and beyond, at all levels , including contacts at the highest level.

The United Kingdom reaffirms its unwavering commitment to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and its support for Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic path. Ukraine reaffirms, with the support of the United Kingdom, its commitment to implement comprehensive internal reforms, which will build resilience, attract foreign investment and enhance prosperity. The United Kingdom welcomes Ukraine’s restraint in the face of ongoing Russian aggression. We stress that support for Ukraine as an independent state cannot be seen as a conflict with Russia, nor as an attempt to surround or undermine it. We call on Russia to defuse and respect its international commitments and to fully engage in the Norman format, aimed at ensuring a lasting political solution to the conflict. We underline our continued support for the mediation efforts of France and Germany in this regard.

Recognizing the already close cooperation between our countries in international organizations, the UK and Ukraine intend to strengthen foreign policy coordination and work more closely together on the international stage.

To exchange

Trade is the key to unlocking our potential through new investment opportunities and job creation in Ukraine and UK. The UK government has increased the amount of aid available through UK Export Finance to support projects in Ukraine to £ 3.5 billion. This increase in Ukraine’s financing capacity will allow UKEF to help UK exporters trade in its priority sectors such as healthcare, civilian infrastructure and clean energy.

Our first UK-Ukraine trade dialogue will be held in 2022, providing a bilateral platform to expand and improve our trade relationship in key sectors such as agriculture, food and drink, clean growth, including hydrogen, digital technology and ICT. It will provide a new dedicated forum to discuss ways to improve the business environment and remove market access barriers for bilateral trade.

Reforms to support trade

Recognizing Ukraine’s progress and its ambition to continue to strengthen economic governance, we agreed to develop a new UK-Ukraine economic pact, to encourage international business and investment and build economic resilience. and social welfare of Ukraine. We will explore closer government cooperation on IT and digitization and implement new measures to strengthen protections and transparency for investors in Ukraine.

Recognizing Ukraine’s progress in implementing democratic reforms, we reaffirm our common commitment to implement crucial reforms of the justice sector and to further develop Ukraine’s anti-corruption strategy.

Climate change and energy security

Support for the modernization of Ukraine’s nuclear sector is a win-win area, where the UK can offer world-class expertise. UK exporters also provide nuclear fuel services to Ukraine – for Ukraine this represents a unique opportunity to reduce its dependence on Russian nuclear fuel imports. The UK is committed to enhancing Ukraine’s energy security, including by developing its renewable energies and advancing clean energy technologies. We will continue to explore the possibility of providing targeted support, building on previous work, which has so far included the sharing of experiences in developing hydrogen strategies.
We are opposed to NS2 and concerned about its implications for Ukraine’s interests and for European energy security. We will continue to voice our concerns to our partners. The UK recently committed £ 150million to the Climate Investment Funds (CIF) Renewable Energy Integration (REI) program. Ukraine has been selected to receive up to $ 70 million from the REI Fund to develop its National Investment Plan, which will identify potential projects that could help Ukraine meet its clean energy transition ambitions. The revised plan and potential projects could leverage hundreds of millions more in co-investments from public and private sources.

Defense and security

The UK and Ukraine will work together to strengthen Ukraine’s security. We reaffirm our close defense relations, in particular in the context of the continued intensification of Russian military activities on the borders of Ukraine. Our strong defense cooperation is focused on building Ukraine’s resilience, including through Operation Orbital, the UK-led Maritime Training Initiative and joint exercises. Recently, the UK and Ukraine signed a bilateral treaty, which releases £ 1.7 billion in support of Ukraine’s naval capacity building program. We will explore the potential for further UK support to Ukraine to implement defense reforms and maximize the benefits of its NATO partner status for enhanced opportunities.

We will explore opportunities for closer collaboration to counter common threats: from malicious foreign activity, hybrid threats, from international terrorism and extremism to serious organized crime. We will explore cooperation on border security and protection of critical national infrastructure. The UK will help Ukraine fully implement the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime. We will establish cooperation to facilitate the movement of people and, when conditions are right, take progressive steps to facilitate the travel processes between our countries.

The UK and Ukraine will work together to support the resilient and sustainable security and law enforcement sector in Ukraine. The UK will help Ukraine develop its security and law enforcement capabilities.

Conflict and stabilization

The UK and Ukraine will work to improve Ukraine’s resilience in response to ongoing Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine. The UK-led Multi-Donor Partnership Fund for a Resilient Ukraine will help prepare for the eventual reintegration of uncontrolled Ukrainian territory, when the situation permits. We will establish a working level dialogue between conflict experts. The UK will continue to share its expertise on conflict and transitional justice issues.

The UK fully supports the goals of the Joint Declaration for the Crimean International Platform, which we signed up to in August 2021. The UK will work closely with Ukraine and other international partners within of the platform on its five priority axes, including the annual Black Sea support. Security conference to be launched in 2022. We are working to advance the sustainable social and economic development of the Ukrainian regions closest to illegally annexed Crimea. The UK and Ukraine will coordinate their efforts to raise the issue of Crimea, improve the human rights situation there and ensure that Russia is held to account for its actions.

UK and Ukraine will step up cooperation to tackle the shared threat of disinformation; ensure that Ukraine’s intergovernmental coordination mechanisms to combat disinformation and improve media literacy are sufficiently resourced and sustainable.

The UK and Ukraine will host the UK / Ukraine 2022 cultural season, marking thirty years of diplomatic ties and recognizing opportunities for more creative partnerships. The Culture Season will bring an exciting program of theater, visual arts, publishing, music and film to the UK and Ukraine. Throughout the season, we will come together to share our experiences, learn more about each other, and make new and lasting connections in arts and culture.

The UK and Ukraine will continue to work together to forge closer links in higher education. The UK will support the reform of the teaching of English in the Ukrainian education system, including the reform of the new Ukrainian school. The new Future English program will provide research, advice and continuing professional development to the Department of Education and Science, as well as a new online teaching community that will provide opportunities for up to 25,000 teachers across the country. Ukraine over the next three years.

Signed on December 8, 2021 at the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, London, United Kingdom.


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