Tips to Reduce Mail Theft During the Holidays


I can’t remember when I bought a postage stamp or mailed something the old fashioned way. It’s been a long time. Times change, and so do we, sometimes without even realizing it.

I’ve never really written letters, and with the advent of online banking, paying bills means never having to lick an envelope again.

Years ago, I stopped sending traditional Christmas cards. I still receive a trickle of cards each holiday season from these friends who are still committed to the tradition, and for that I appreciate.

Either the rising cost of postage stamps, or procrastination, or both caused my list of Christmas cards to disappear.

Tips to Reduce Mail Theft During South Coast Holidays

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I remember when I was a kid you could send money through the mail. It was never advisable, but that didn’t stop Grandma or an aunt from sending money for your birthday. They just wrapped it in a piece of paper so a curious postman couldn’t see it, and it went to the mailbox.

We live in different times, and not only is it unwise to send money by post, but it’s also wise to know what you’re doing when sending anything using the messaging system.

Tips to Reduce Mail Theft During South Coast Holidays

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News reports around the country report an increase in mail theft, not only from your personal mailbox, but also from the blue US Postal Service mailbox often found on street corners or outside the post office.

Some reports urge readers not to use the blue collection boxes, at least during the holiday season. recommends that you avoid dropping off mail in collection boxes “after the last collection of the day or during Sundays and federal holidays,” among other things.

Tips to Reduce Mail Theft During South Coast Holidays

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The site also suggests: “The safest way to send mail is through the retail counter of the local post office. If this is not possible, the safest way is to use the slots collection points that drop off the mail directly at the post office.”

Although I couldn’t find any Postal Service notices specific to the SouthCoast area, the United States Postal Inspection Service offers valuable tips and tricks on how not to fall victim to mail fraud or package.

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