The need increases, gives falls in the middle of a pandemic; CCMO is looking for food, donations | Local



Goodwin said: “We have noticed that we have a lot of people coming from the north or the west or anywhere to come and live in Orangeburg.

“They say they are homeless. … We feed them. Sometimes we have to give them a motel for a few nights and everything. We have people sleeping in their cars and things, and they have kids.

Volunteers are also needed.

CCMO volunteer Sandra Hudson said: “It would also be good if we could recruit people in particular fields. We could definitely use a lot of that kind of volunteer help, ”noting that at one point the organization had a nurse, tax specialist, and social worker on site to help clients.

“We lost a lot of these things before the pandemic. We could definitely use a lot of that kind of help, ”she said.

Harvest Hope Food Bank supplies food to several government departments across the state, including CCMO. Troy said volunteers are also needed to help with the collection and delivery of food to the food bank.

The financial base of the CCMO is made up of its member churches, which contribute to the ministry. Although the organization is not dependent on various donations, they are welcome.

Reverend Eddie Williams, the newly elected chair of the CCMO Board of Directors, said his goal would be to garner more support from the community, especially as the needs of the less fortunate do not go away.



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