The Lighthouse Foundation partners with Australian artists to educate young people about homelessness


Lighthouse Foundation, a Melbourne-based nonprofit, has teamed up with iconic Australian artists Ken Done, David Booth and Rachel Castle to create a dynamic campaign that uses art to help raise awareness and BREAK THE PATTERN of homelessness. sheltering among young people.

The children and young people cared for by the Lighthouse Foundation are among Australia’s most vulnerable children, many of whom have complex and challenging behaviors resulting from a range of abuse, trauma and neglect. The BREAK THE PATTERN campaign aims to raise vital funds that will enable the Lighthouse Foundation to continue its vital work in supporting these young people towards a brighter future.

Artists Ken Done, David Booth and Rachel Castle are all known for their eye-catching use of color and pattern, and their digital works will be available to the public for a donation of as little as $2. Artwork will be available for download and display as limited edition backgrounds and screensavers for phone, tablet, computer and social media.

All funds raised through the BREAK THE PATTERN campaign will go directly to the Lighthouse Foundation and enable it to continue to provide homes and therapeutic care programs for children and youth affected by homelessness. Donations will be used to support young people with trauma-informed counseling and therapy, to provide educational resources and support services, to purchase bedding and essentials for a new young person entering care, and to pay for utilities and maintenance of Lighthouse homes.

Eamonn McCarthy, CEO of Lighthouse Foundation, said: “For the past 30 years, Lighthouse Foundation has worked to break the cycle of homelessness and is proud to be one of the most highly regarded providers of therapeutic care. and oldest in Australia. We are now ready to expand our services to reach at-risk youth who are on the verge of homelessness. By expanding our services to include a proactive outreach model, we hope to multiply our impact, increase the number of children we care for, and end youth homelessness forever.

“We can only BREAK THE PATTERN with the support of our volunteers and our generous donors. That’s why, to launch our ambitious strategic growth goal, we decided to partner with three iconic Australian artists, Ken Done, David Booth and Rachel Castle.

“Our hope is that these intricate, joyful and patterned works of art will help raise awareness for the many young people on the brink of homelessness or without a loving home, and the different patterns they have had to break to get where they are today. .. With the support of individuals and businesses, the Lighthouse Foundation can provide more of these children with a safe community to belong, heal and thrive in, so they can break the negative pattern. relentless generational violence, abuse and neglect.

Since his first exhibition in 1980, Ken Done (pictured, left) has become one of Australia’s most celebrated artists, widely recognized for his series of original works for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Olympic Games of 2000 in Sydney.

David Booth (ghostpatrol, pictured right) is a Melbourne-based artist with a diverse practice, oscillating between drawing, printmaking, sculpture, multimedia installations and street art. He is well known for his recent works, which featured throughout the 2022 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Rachel Castle (pictured, centre) is a Sydney-based artist who works in the homewares industry. His brand, CASTLE, founded in 2008, aims to make art accessible, producing beautiful sheets, throws, towels and sweaters.


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