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Record attendance on July 4

In Canyon Lake’s first major event since the statewide opening on June 15, the Sunday July 4 celebration appears to be one of the busiest and most celebrated events in the history of the community. The pent-up demand to get together, play and celebrate vacations coupled with perfect summer weather is expected to translate into huge crowds of residents and their guests.

With the July 4th weather forecast around 90 degrees and sunny, the Canyon Lakers can’t wait to put on swimsuits and hit the lake. Likewise, backyard barbecues will be revived and guests invited to eat and then enjoy fireworks from almost anywhere in the community.

After a long, hot day of swimming, sunbathing and boating, the fireworks show will begin around 9:00 pm As in the past, the fireworks will be launched from Skipper’s Island.

To enhance the experience, spectators can tune their radios to 99.9 FM to listen to music synchronized with the fireworks show from anywhere around the lake. From the Lodge patio, Mike Shroyer of Good Time Entertainment will also play pre-show music, including a live performance of the American Anthem just before the fireworks start.

To help Canyon Lakers have a more fun and less stressful day, the POA has provided instructions and directions for the various equipment and routes. Anyone spending the day at Canyon Lake on Independence Day should take a moment and review the following information, including the map below

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Traffic and road closures

As of noon on July 4, according to the fire marshal, there is no parking or view of launch ramps or roads leading to a launch pad.

At 2:00 p.m. Longhorn Drive will close at Strawberry Lane to Happy Camp. Only residents of Longhorn Drive past Strawberry Lane, Happy Camp guests, or emergency vehicles may pass. Guests should be prepared to show their Guest Pass with their host’s address or camping card (if staying at Happy Camp).

At 6:00 p.m., Blackhorse Drive and Sorrel Lane are only accessible to residents who reside there, their guests (including residents who do not live on these streets), or emergency vehicles. Guests must be able to present a valid guest pass with their host’s address.

The following closings will take place at 8:30 p.m., 30 minutes before the fireworks display:

  1. Lighthouse Drive to Vacation Drive at Lodge
  2. Canyon Club Drive to Canyon Lake Drive North
  3. Main roadway from Village Way Drive to Vacation Drive
  4. Blue Teal Drive will close once the road is closed
  5. Longhorn Drive from Strawberry Lane to Happy Camp
  6. No parking on Main, North or Longhorn roadways

Below are reminders to facilitate exiting Holiday Harbor and Lodge areas.

The Riverside County Community Patrol and Sheriff’s Department will direct vehicles to the community’s fastest exit. Please keep in mind that it could be in an alternate direction to the desired exit.

Pedestrian traffic will be given priority along Canyon Club Drive and the main roadway for the first 30 minutes after the show.

Village Way Drive – Vehicles (including golf carts) leaving Village Way Drive after the fireworks display may only turn right onto Canyon Lake Drive South.

Lodge Exit – Vehicles (including golf carts) will be required to exit onto Lighthouse Drive. From Lighthouse Drive, vehicles can turn left or right onto Vacation Drive.

Vacation Drive Stop Sign – At the corner of the Vacation Drive and Canyon Lake Drive North stop sign, vehicles leaving the lounge may only turn left onto Canyon Lake Drive toward the east gate.

Community access

The Canyon Lake POA will have a strong focus on managing community access over the holiday weekend. The community patrol will have additional staff on site at the three gates to help move the flow of traffic through the gates as quickly as possible. All doors will have additional staff to help customers access the community.

At the main and east gates, the RFID lane will be open to residents with an RFID transponder and to residents with a vehicle sticker. The other two lanes at these gates will be open to guests or residents. Both North Gate lanes will be guests or residents only.

Fireworks show

The fireworks start around 9:00 p.m. and the fireworks are launched from Skipper’s Island. Spectators can tune into 99.9 FM to listen to music synchronized with the fireworks display from anywhere around the lake.

From the Lodge patio, Good Time Entertainment’s Mike Shroyer will also play pre-show music, including a live performance of the American Anthem just before the show.

Customer information

  • Reminder of using guest ePass

Those who invite guests into the community are encouraged to use the e-pass service. Guests can print the pass in advance or the door attendant can scan the pass on their smartphone. Customers will still need to provide their valid driver’s license with the electronic pass. For customers who have not printed the pass, the gate attendant will issue a parking pass which should be displayed on the dashboard during their visit. Members can log into their HousingLIVE account online or through the mobile app and send a pass to their guest.

Those who invite guests into the community are encouraged to request pre-printed guest passes. Members can obtain pre-printed passes by submitting a list to the Canyon Lake POA Member Services office.

Fill out the online form or provide a list to Member Services that includes: lot number, date of visit, date of departure, member’s phone number, driver’s first and last name (as they appear on their license). Remember to submit your pre-printed pass request at least one week before the holiday.

  • Information for your guests

It is important to remind your guests that they must have a valid driver’s license in their possession when entering the community. Also, advise your guests to know your address, this will help the community patrol to verify their information more quickly at the gates.

Navigation reminders

Unregistered boats are not allowed on the lake. Marine Patrol will verify the current boat registration at all boat launching ramps. Unregistered boats are subject to a citation of $ 500. Those who need a safety inspection on their boats in order to register them should call Marine Patrol at 951.244.6841 x415 to make an appointment.

The gas dock will have intermittent closures throughout the day on July 4 and will close for the night at 4:00 p.m.

On July 4, no riders can be towed from a vessel on Main Lake after noon.

Boats must maintain a safe distance from Skippers Island during fireworks. If you are sailing, watch out for the red and white temporary buoys with lights around Skippers Island.

City law enforcement as well as maritime patrol will keep boats 350 feet from buoys. The fireworks will not begin unless all boats are within a safe distance of Skippers Island and the on-site Fire Marshal announces “Everything is clear”.

Park and beach hours

Parks and beaches open at 6:00 a.m. There is no reservation. All parks are first come, first served. No personal belongings can be left in parks and beaches after they close on July 3.

Pool hours

On July 4th, swimming hours at the pool are from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm The pool will close promptly at 8:00 pm for the fireworks show and no one will be allowed on the pool deck.

Take responsability

Residents are reminded that the primary member is responsible for the actions of their family, guests, tenants and tenants, this also includes any citation. Core members are required to know the rules and regulations of the Canyon Lake POA and are urged to respect the authorities who attempt to enforce these rules and the safety of all.

The Canyon Lake POA and the City of Canyon Lake are asking everyone to cooperate with the authorities to ensure a safe vacation. The personal safety and enjoyment of all residents and guests is a top priority, and strict law enforcement will be enforced throughout the weekend.

Be careful during busy vacations and watch out for neighbors, families, children, pets, etc. in the streets before and after the show.



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