The ‘Choose Life’ license plate is set to be reintroduced in the state Legislature next year


In 2000, the first license plate with a Choose Life message was offered to residents of Florida. Today, 33 states and the District of Columbia offer Choose Life license plates. But not Minnesota. JoAnn Marshall is trying to change that.

Joanne Marshall

Marshall, president of the voluntary nonprofit organization Choose Life, Minnesota, recently joined “Practicing Catholic” radio show host Patrick Conley to describe her cause, the actions taken so far and how the Pro-life Minnesotans can support the efforts.

A Minnesota state representative and state senator introduced legislation for a Choose Life license plate in the past year, but “it didn’t pass” into law, said Marshall. “But they’ve already agreed to reintroduce it next year.”

Marshall, an Annunciation parishioner in Mayhew Lake in the Diocese of St. Cloud, knows of the “widespread support” of state officials and senators. “I know the Holy Spirit is involved in this effort because what seemed like mere coincidences, I have been connected with people, individuals and organizations, who totally support this Choose Life plaque in our state. .”

If the Minnesota Legislature passes legislation for a Choose Life plate, the wording of the bill calls for $25 per plate and tab renewal intended to support life-affirming nonprofits that help mothers in crisis. pregnancy who choose to make an adoption plan for their unborn baby, says Marshal. The money would provide assistance including food, clothing, shelter, medical expenses and transportation, she said.

The money would be directed to those needs because, of the mothers in crisis who visit pregnancy resource centers and see ultrasounds, more than 80% choose life for their babies, Marshall said. “We want to reach out to those who don’t want to raise their babies,” she said. “We want to offer positive alternatives. And that alternative is adoption. It’s a choice anyone can live with.

Two million American couples are waiting to adopt, Marshall said. “Having this plaque on the road in Minnesota and raising funds promotes awareness and gives potential adoptive parents reason to hope.”

To learn more, including what a Minnesota license plate would look like, visit While there, Marshall suggests taking a one-question survey (“Choose Life Plate Survey”) about picking up a Choose Life license plate. The answers would show lawmakers that Minnesotans support the license plate, she said. Most importantly, pray that the license plate will become available in Minnesota, Marshall said, “and we can save the lives of unborn children.”

To see the status of the plates in each state, visit

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