Solomon Islands denying entry to UK and US Coastguard vessels


Solomon Islands denying entry to UK and US Coastguard vesselsCredit: Kevin Shipp/

Due to suspected Chinese influence, the Solomon Islands reportedly refused entry to British and US Coastguard vessels on Wednesday August 24.

The denial of entry of UK and US Coastguard vessels to the Solomon Islands was reported on Twitter with one user posting:

“The #SolomonIslands, now under strong #Chinese influence, have refused entry to UK and US Coastguard vessels HMS Spey and USCGC Oliver Henry.”

“This at the same time as the government takes dictatorial measures and suppresses internal opposition.”

To which another user replied;

‘What are the UK and US Coastguards doing on the coast of the Solomon Islands‽‽’

The news of the Solomon Islands denying passage to British and American ships comes after the Chinese aircraft carrier Shandong was filmed conducting combat training in the South China Sea, as shared on social media on Wednesday August 24 .

Growing tensions between the United States, China and Taiwan come after Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, angered China after deciding to stage a US visit to Taiwan, a move which would potentially recognize Taiwan as an independent sovereign state. and not like the Republic of China.

However, many politicians feared once news of the visit spread that if the United States did not send Pelosi, it would appear the nation had backed down to China.

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