Snyder retires from Coast Guard Auxiliary after 30 years of service | Entertainment



EMERALD ISLAND – Jean Snyder’s retirement event took place July 31 at Coast Guard Station Emerald Isle.

Snyder is originally from New Jersey and arrived in North Carolina in 1976 when her husband, Jim, was transferred by AT&T. She moved to Emerald Isle in 1984. Jim, also a member of the flotilla, died in 2011.

Jean joined the flotilla in 1991 and served as Flotilla Commander and Vice Flotilla Commander for several years before becoming Flotilla Staff Officer – Finance and Information System for over 15 years. She has also been a ship examiner (1992), instructor (1993), program visitor (1994) and pilot (1996) and obtained her coxswain qualification in 1999.

She was one of the primary coordinators of auxiliary members of several flotillas that kept the Swansboro Coast Guard station operational during the years of staff shortages in the late 1990s, when only 10 active Coasties were in operation. the station. After 30 years of service, she held virtually all of the major Flotilla Staff Officer positions at one point, as well as Flotilla Commander and Vice Flotilla Commander again in the early 2000s. has also served as a Division Financial and Division Vessel Examiner.

In 2016, she received the rarely awarded Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of her important and exceptional service.

Besides auxiliary work, Jean has 42 years of service as an EMS volunteer.



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