Saturday service encourages students to volunteer for the local community


The volunteer ETSU held its monthly Service Saturday event on Saturday, September 24th. Students, faculty and staff came together at off-campus sites that stretched from Downton Johnson City to Kingsport to offer their services and work to improve the community.

“Service Saturday is an event that aims to bring people together to serve different sites across the community, both indoors and outdoors,” said Elayna Chavis, president of the Volunteer ETSU organization.

“We focus on landscaping, organization, or basic housekeeping. Basically, whatever the organization needs us to do, we’ll do for them,” Chavis said.

Volunteer ETSU is an organization open to all students who are interested in community service and involvement in leadership roles or non-profit work.

“Our main focus this year will be student awareness. We are in an extensive rebuilding process which will focus on re-launching the club and providing more volunteer opportunities for students as the school year progresses,” Chavis said.

One of the main goals of the organization is to remind students that the community is there for them and that they should be there for their community.

“The hours of service are not limited to writing your participation and meeting your requirements. It’s about getting involved in the area you live in, especially if you’re new to campus or haven’t lived locally before coming to ETSU,” Chavis said. “Even if you’re only on one service Saturday, you can still get a feel for what Johnson City has to offer.”

The events are meant to remind students of how rewarding participation and volunteer work can be.

“It’s nice to be able to lend a hand and go home knowing you’ve done something for others. Our biggest goal is for students to understand why they are participating and to develop an interest in the service that they can use even after their time at ETSU.

For students interested in joining Volunteer ETSU or participating in future Service Saturday events, please contact Volunteer ETSU at [email protected]


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