Presidency 2023: young people from the North urge Ugwuanyi to declare their interest

Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi

A group under the auspices of Northern Youth Support for Gburugburu (NYSG) urged Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi to declare his interest in the 2023 presidential race as the preponderance of opinions favors the Southeast region to produce the country’s president,

Speaking in Abuja, NYSG National Coordinator, The Hon. Suleiman Ibrahim, who stressed that it is the turn of the Southeast region to produce the next president, reiterated his commitment to the policy of equity and justice. He pointed out that the governor of Enugu state, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi (Gburugburu), has everything it takes to become the country’s president in 2023.

He further praised Gburugburu for his leadership qualities, including his peaceful disposition, humility, responsibility, spirit of accommodation and called on Nigerians to join the NYSG to complete the project in 2023 in the general interest of all Nigerians.

He revealed that their decision to support Ugwuanyi is anchored in his Pan-Nigerian records over the years, saying his election will advance the country’s unity and boost the economy.

He said: “It is known that when Ugwuanyi took office in 2015, he faced daunting financial and economic challenges, brought on by the sudden drop in the price of crude oil around the world and the economic recession that loomed large. ‘accompanied.

“Realizing the enormity of these challenges, Ugwuanyi has shown thoughtfulness as a financial expert and used his wealth of experience and financial magic. He repositioned, streamlined and electronically strengthened the state-owned IGR which previously was prone to manipulation, hijacking and leakage.

“With the closing of the state’s IGR loopholes, the IGR has improved dramatically, from a paltry 10 billion dollars to 17 billion naira in 2016, from which it rose to 31 billion naira. per year today. The governor instilled fiscal discipline, due process, accountability and transparency in the management and management of public finances. Financial lavishness and mismanagement of public funds have been reduced to the strict minimum if not completely eliminated.

“Governor Ugwuanyi has embarked on massive infrastructure development, especially in rural areas that have long been neglected and abandoned, except during the election period.

On the welfare of workers, Amb. Ibrahim said that when the federal government bailout fund arrived, Ugwuanyi wisely managed and disbursed Enugu’s share to make up for the backlog of salaries, pensions and arrears his government inherited at the local government level. .

“This made the

Senate Committee on the Administration of State and Local Governments chaired by its Chairman, Senator Abdullahi Gumel and were in Enugu on a monitoring function on the use of rescue funds to applaud the administrative ingenuity of Governor Ugwuanyi in the management of funds, describing it as impressive and in accordance with the principles of accountability. He described the governor as the best at implementing the bailout fund and urged other states to take inspiration from Enugu.

“In a similar vein, on May 1, 2017, workers in Enugu State awarded Governor Ugwuanyi the Most Worker Friendly Governor Award in the history of the state. NLC Chairman Comrade Virginus Nwobodo praised the governor for the local government’s wise use of 100% of the bailout to offset arrears, salaries and pensions of local government employees.

He continued, “In 2018, Enugu State became the seventh best state in the country in the ICAN-AI report from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria in the area of ​​financial accountability and management.

“On November 19, 2018, Enugu State was designated as one of the most peaceful states in Nigeria. CPS President Smith

Police Service Commission Chairman Alhaji Musilu Smith said Governor Ugwuanyi of Enugu State deserves praise for maintaining the state in a progressive, people-centered and people-minded manner. security, friendly for business and tourism.

“Alhaji Smith, who made the statement during his opening speech at the opening ceremony of a four-day management retreat hosted by the Commission, assessed the peaceful and secure atmosphere in the state, claiming that we are in Enugu largely because Enugu is one of the most peaceful states in the country.

“Again, in 2019 Governor Ugwuanyi was granted the right of first refusal for the post of PDP governor in the state. No one saw fit to challenge it with him due to his growing popularity and acceptance across the state. It was the first of its kind in the state since 1999.

Before the elections, Ugwuanyi brought together all the main political actors in the state who opposed each other due to different and vested political interests.

“Following his excellent performance in office, Governor Ugwuanyi received in February 2019 various awards from four national dailies, namely The Sun, Vanguard, Daily Independent and Leadership.

This honor is unprecedented in the history of the award given by the state and the media to public office holders by the country’s national dailies.

“Ugwuanyi won his re-election in 2019 with 95.4% of the vote. This is unprecedented in the history of the election of state governors since 1999, even at a time when the PDP controlled power in the center and in the state.

It was because of Ugwuanyi’s landslide victory in the elections that the opposition was unable to go to court to challenge the result.

Ugwuanyi, in his quest for lasting peace in the state, extended his olive branch to the opposition and brought everyone in the state, regardless of party differences.

“On the day he received his certificate of returning for a second term at the INEC office in Enugu, the national INEC commissioner in charge of voter education, Chief Festus Okoye made it clear that Enugu had had the most peaceful elections in Nigeria. It was no small feat or an accident. This was because of the relentless efforts of the Ugwuanyi administration in the area of ​​security and peacemaking in the state.

“With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, Ugwuanyi took the bull by the horns by wrapping and approving life insurance for health workers and immediately paying them risk pay. The first to do so in the country.

While the problems associated with the COVID-19 pandemic have lasted, government revenues have declined and governments at all levels have struggled to meet their financial obligations. Some states cut the salaries of political appointments by 50 percent, some owed workers’ salaries.

“Ugwuanyi not only paid workers’ wages quickly, he recruited workers and approved the minimum wage of N30,000. He even granted a 50% tax refund to state enterprises to ensure that the effect pandemic will not bring their businesses down.

This was different from the tax exemption he gave to medium and small industries and small traders in the state at the start of his administration and has maintained it to this day.

Economic Confidential, an intelligence magazine in its 2019 ASVI Annual State Sustainability Index, declared six states in the country, including Enugu State, as financially viable. In December 2020, Enugu State, under the leadership of Ugwuanyi, became Nigeria’s second state behind Kaduna with 58.2% of the state with the most financial responsibility in the financial responsibility report of the ‘ICAN of 2019,’ he said.

Most recently, the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria (AMLSN) awarded Governor Ugwuanyi the COVID-19 Response Champion Award in recognition of his outstanding performance and commitment to the fight against the pandemic, ”he said. he declared.

Prior to becoming Governor in 2015, Governor Ugwuanyi had spent 12 years in the House of Representatives, where he was Chairman of the House Committee on Maritime Affairs and did a great job in our maritime industry, building a network of friends. and goodwill across the country. He has enormous leadership and management experience, ability, temperament, track record and broad reach to provide the peace, unity and progress the country needs if elected president in 2023.


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