Port police building dedicated to quay 15


HONOLULU – The Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) dedicated the Port Police Building to Pier 15 on Tuesday, November 16, 2021. The $ 5.23 million former Pier Fire Hall renovation project 15 will now serve as the headquarters of the Port Police, who are responsible for protecting individuals and property within the Port Honolulu system.

Hawaii Department of Transportation Director Jade Butay welcomed the port police to her new home. “This facility will support our officers in carrying out their law enforcement support functions to the maritime industry,” said Butay. “The location of Pier 15 will allow easy access and quicker response to the waters of the commercial port. “

The relocation and renovation of Pier 15 added facilities to support force diversification and a classroom training facility. The funds for the project came from the revenues of the port. No tax amount from the general fund was used.

For photos of the Port Police Blessing, click here


Blessing ceremony outside Port Police Headquarters with HDOT Director Jade Butay and Deputy Port Director Derek Chow.


The new sign outside the Port Police Headquarters at Pier 15.


Kahu Kordell Kekoa blessing the boardroom with Chief Mark “Dutch” Hanohano and Lieutenant Neal Miyasato.


Kahu Kekoa blessing the Port Police boat next to Pier 15.


About the port police

The Port Police were authorized in section 266-24 of Hawaii’s revised statutes to conduct enforcement at commercial ports under the Department of Transportation. Maintaining the security of the state’s commercial ports is critical, as 98% of imported goods enter Hawaii through its ports. Port Police participate in the Joint Task Force on Terrorism and the State Law Enforcement Coalition to keep Hawaii ports safe.


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