patil: Nashik Sp asks Pis to form groups of volunteers in the villages | Nashik News

Nashik: Rural Nashik SP Sachin Patil has instructed officials from 40 police stations in his jurisdiction to form groups of volunteers, such as Village Defense Parties (VDPs), who can serve as eyes and ears additional resources to the police to fight crime and help maintain law and order.
Patil said that while a few police stations had formed volunteer groups in some villages, he looked forward to the formation of such groups in all 40 police stations.
The Nashik Rural Police has a wide jurisdiction, which includes some agricultural belts, industrial and tribal areas, and some sensitive community locations. Each of these areas presents unique issues that police must constantly monitor and intervene to ensure that law and order prevails and crime is brought under control.
Given the strength of just over 3,300 police at its disposal, maintaining public order is a challenge.
API Sagar Kote from Wavi Police Station said that a few years ago, under the leadership of SP Sachin Patil, they formed the village defense party with more than 400 volunteers. Kote said that not only are the groups raising awareness among villagers, but VDP members are also helping to provide needed information on criminal activities and issues that could lead to public order issues. They help the police to take the quick and necessary action.
Rural parts of the district have illegal liquor and gambling dens among other illegal businesses. The presence of VDPs in every village will ensure that these illegal businesses are brought to the attention of the police.

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