Park City security operation removes trucks from the road



The Park City Police Department conducted an operation targeting truck safety on Wednesday, ordering vehicles to come to the Park City High School parking lot for inspection.
Courtesy of the Park City Police Department

The Park City Police Department on Wednesday conducted an inspection operation targeting trucks primarily on Kearns Boulevard, finding violations serious enough to remove nearly a quarter of vehicles from the department.

The police carried out the operation between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. The agency’s team of traffic officers carried out checks and checks.

Police said 13 trucks had been pulled over for visible violations. They were then taken to the Park City High School parking lot for inspection. Police said four of the 13 trucks were taken out of service due to security breaches. Three drivers were ordered off the road for unspecified offenses.

According to the police department, inspections revealed a total of 11 offenses serious enough to remove a vehicle from the road. A total of 64 less serious violations were also noted, police said.

The police service occasionally conducts inspections like Wednesday’s in various locations. Truck safety has been an issue in Park City for years, especially in the construction industry. There have been a series of runaway truck crashes over the years in Park City, blamed on brake failures as vehicles drove down steep streets like the Mine Road that connects the Upper Deer Valley and Old Town. .

Police have long said the inspections are designed to reduce the number of dangerous trucks on Park City’s roads.

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