“Okay, mate, go outside”: Bear inspects the hotel lobby and scares the receptionist


No one would expect a bear to inspect a hotel lobby. A hotel receptionist was left terrified as the intruder wandered inside Steamboat Springs in Colorado in the United States. She managed to capture the moment as the curious bear looked around and the video took the internet by storm.

The clip shared by ABC News show the bear walk between sofas, climb a few stairs and peek inside a door.

Watch the video here:

The receptionist is heard screaming and saying in the video, “How do I get out of here? I do not know what to do. No I do not know. He’s scared of me though. I think he’s trying to stay away. Ok buddy, go outside.

The woman seemed to be talking on the phone. “Yeah, but the front door. The back door was open. Oh, my God,” she says and screams as the bear walks past her cabin.

Internet users were shocked by the bear’s intrusion. “Guess where I would have been?? Locked in another room and I would have snuck in there,” one netizen commented.

Some users also had funny reactions. “Wow! Just looking for the continental breakfast,” one netizen commented.

Another user joked that the bear checks the security and quality of the hotel. “It’s inspection time, me. Be sure to check the safety and quality of the hotel,” read the review.

Videos featuring bears never fail to grab eyeballs online. In March this year, a video surfaced online showing three bear cubs being attracted to a California man beef sandwich. The man sitting inside a car held the sandwich in his hand and one of the hungry bears opened the car door twice.


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