NIT urges businesses nationwide to provide volunteering opportunities


Speaking at the Graduate Exit Program held at the Institute’s main campus in Dar es Salaam, NIT Acting Deputy Rector (Academy, Research and Consulting), Dr. Omari K. Mashi said: after graduation. With this, I urge companies and different organizations in the country to help graduates get volunteering opportunities.

Eng Mashi further said that today’s job market is more competitive, saying fresh out of college graduates need to be more creative and dedicated.

He also warned graduates to be aware of scammers who use fake job opportunities to steal money from graduates and students in an attempt to get them high-paying jobs.

“You have to be more careful with these scammers; they claim to be employers who call you for high paying jobs but in the end they asked for money to give you the opportunity, when you hear the question to give money you must understand that it’s a scam”, he said

He also called for good relations between academic institutions and companies, saying that the National Institute of Transport has shown a good reputation with companies, saying that NIT students do not suffer in the labor market.

“NIT has a good reputation with business, this situation has ensured that graduates of our institute are given a fair challenge when seeking employment opportunities,” he said.

NIT Dean of Students Meshack Kimaro called on graduates to use the education they have obtained as an instrument to foster growth, reduce poverty and boost shared prosperity, while benefiting not only the individual , but to the community as a whole.

“If you want to live in a better world, and I’m sure you will, I urge you to get involved in shaping it,” he said, adding, “Develop good deeds and be good citizens who will be respected and will live as educated people”. people who have good values ​​and believe that life goes on.”

Speaking on the sidelines of the event, NIT Director of Research Publications and Graduate Studies, Dr. Eva Luwavi, encouraged students to pursue graduate studies, saying the level of education they had received was not enough.

“Never stop developing yourself academically after completing your studies here, the level of education you have received is not good enough at all,” she said.

Some of the students who spoke for this paper pledge to use the knowledge they receive to build the nation and solve challenges facing communities.

However, over 1000 students expect to graduate from the National Institute of Transportation.

Neema Vicent, a student who plans to complete her bachelor’s degree, applauded the NIT administration’s decision to hold such an event, saying it gave them a taste of life outside the college.

Japhet Makame, a future graduate, said the education they received prepared them for life outside of college.


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