Niger River dredging project will create more than 2 million jobs Yahaya Bello


Kogi State Governor Alhaji Yahaya Bello said the Niger River dredging project will provide more than 2 million direct and indirect jobs for young people.

He made this known when launching the hydrographic survey and mapping of the lower Niger and Benue rivers, from Lokoja to Burutu.

He praised the initiative launched by the public-private partnership of Nigeria Export-import Bank Plc in collaboration with the Nigerian Navy and the National Inland Waterways Authority.

The Governor affirmed that these rivers (Niger and Benue) remained one of the most critical natural assets which offered good prospects for economic diversification in Nigeria while ensuring that at the end of this study and mapping project , various inland and river ports along the hitherto moribund coast, would be reactivated.

He pointed out that the Federal Government of Nigeria, under the Presidential Economic Diversification Initiative (PEDI), has introduced several policies and programs aimed at diversifying the Nigerian economy as well as improving the welfare, security and the prosperity of Nigerian citizens and that the current initiative was based on such intention.

The Governor testified that the project would similarly facilitate the management of bulk imports from coastal areas and the export of solid minerals and agricultural products from the hinterland, noting that nautical charts and other publications to Producing from this survey would help maritime security agencies mobilize resources at a critical location and time of choice for the achievement of national security objectives.

During the closing ceremony, he urged the various stakeholders to seize this golden and historic opportunity to work harmoniously and diligently towards the completion of this important national inquiry as soon as possible.

Governor Bello urged the states contiguous to the lower Niger and Benue rivers to give their full support and cooperation to this historic and important federal government effort to improve the lives of citizens while assuring local communities that the Opening rivers would have no effect in distorting their ancestral beliefs, cultures and traditions, but rather, a golden opportunity to eradicate poverty as well as improve the well-being and prosperity of your local communities.


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