Moose steals home during softball game in Steamboat Springs – CBS Denver



STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colorado (CBS4) – A surprise runner flew home during a softball game in Steamboat Springs on Wednesday. A moose ran across the field – and crossed the plate to the applause of spectators – before retreating into the hills. Watch the images in the video player above.

It happened at Howelson Hill on Wednesday night and Matthew Gallagher filmed it.

Gallagher said it happened during a local B League softball game.

In one video, you can hear spectators yelling at players as they run to lead the way for the incoming moose. In the videos showing the moose running through the floor, you can hear someone say, “He just knocked on the house! Yes Dear! You worked!”

Colorado Parks and Wildlife warns that if a moose displays aggressive behavior or starts charging, you should run as fast as possible and try to put a large object between you, such as a rock, car, or tree.

Signs of moose aggression include relaxed ears, raised hair on the neck, and snout licking.

Keep in mind that moose will react to dogs as if they were wolves – and have been known to kill or injure pets.

Moose females (cows) are very protective of their young (calves), so they can be dangerous if approached or caught off guard.



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