Megan Rapinoe didn’t deserve the Presidential Medal of Freedom


“Although many can forgive hurt, no one has ever forgiven contempt.”
—Ben Franklin

I used to be naive enough to believe that the most important leaders in the country were surrounded by the best and the brightest to serve them, and, by hopeful extension, us.

But if they can’t fix the simple and correct things…

In 1990, the first President Bush appointed Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose fame and fortune relied on steroids to achieve international bodybuilding glory, as Chairman of the Presidential Council on Fitness and Sports.

It was an absurd choice, antithetical to both fitness and sport. Surely there would be an outcry, widespread ridicule to overturn this erroneous decision. But nothing. Everyone loved “Ahh-nold”, scripted heroes from adventure movies.

Yesterday, the Biden White House, which has blindly backed former men who competed unfairly in sports as women as champions of gender equality – a bizarre explanation for stark and undeniable inequality – fired another rock ignoring what was impossible to miss in order to try and score more flattering political points.

Megan Rapinoe
Megan Rapinoe

President Biden has awarded soccer star and gay and women’s rights activist Megan Rapinoe – repugnant in her obnoxious, selfish and classless conduct throughout the 2019 Women’s World Cup in France – only Americans who are very open to d spirit were driven to take root against our team — the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor.

The medal represents “exemplary contributions to the prosperity, values, or security of the United States, world peace, or other significant societal, public, or private endeavours.”

Yet Rapinoe, during and after this World Cup, stood out as an example of absolute selfishness and lack of class, starting with her knees during the American anthem, eagerly demonstrating on the international stage his contempt for his country, under his citizenship.

In a senseless humiliation of Thailand 13-0, Rapinoe made sure to stand out as the biggest bully. Her easy goal to make it 9-0 was followed by her giving up on assisting her teammates in order to run the length of the pitch in nauseating self-glorification.

Hey, without that goal it would’ve only been 8-0, there’s plenty of time for more!

On Fox, host Rob Stone, ostensibly tasked with waving the American flag, became disgusted with Rapinoe’s conduct and the senseless brutality of the American team. After all, the easiest thing to accomplish in a lopsided game isn’t to score, kill the clock, protect your dignity, spare your utterly defeated opponents further humiliation, show them, as well as to the world, your graceful side.

But as Fox analyst Alexi Lalas spoke of hollow rationalizations – “What did you want them to do?” — as if he didn’t know it, Stone said, “But 13-0? I understand your point, but this game was made. It became humiliating. It just became a target practice exercise.

And stricken by her own indefensible devices, Rapinoe, the captain of the USA team who smeared the game and the country – even mocking subsequent opponents and their fans after scoring – became the well-deserved villain of the World Cup. world. Even here.

Still, en route to the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Rapinoe wasn’t done. In her speech at New York City Hall after the parade to salute the world champions, Rapinoe couldn’t address a crowd full of children without shouting “motherf—-r!” Pure class.

No one on Biden’s nominating team knew about any of this? Nobody did 10 minutes of research? Or were they all okay with it, did they approve of it?

So, according to the White House, steroid-addicted Arnold Schwarzenegger was the national symbol of fitness, and swimmer Lia Thomas, the former William Thomas, competes equally with biological women.

Yet Rapinoe on Thursday was awarded America’s highest civilian honor by Biden for “exemplary contributions to United States prosperity, values, or security, world peace, or other societal, public, or important individuals”. She fulfilled all the conditions.

Oh no! Broadcast ruined by YES

Since there’s no shame in the bottom lines that run MLB, the Yankees and YES, that’s how it will stay.

This week, Yankees fans were once again sentenced to hard labor (for which they must pay) as YES fed us Ryan “Rah Rah” Ruocco and Carlos Beltran in the non-musical remake of “Help!”

We don’t yet know the name of the YES executive who added Beltran, but he’s likely considered a leak risk – if it’s not too late. There is nothing more to write on the subject except that Beltran was the worst choice since the Hindenburg was filled with hydrogen.

Ruocco continues to be easily enthused by common occurrences, such as the Yanks performing a double play – as if he or we had never seen such a thing before. We just want to watch the baseball game, not attend a pep rally.

Ryan Ruocco
Ryan Ruocco
NBAE via Getty Images

Then there was another Rob Manfred Friday Night. While Yanks-Cleveland was rain-delayed until it was postponed, Amazon Prime’s exclusive streaming delivery showed only one still camera showing rain falling on the field.

There was no audio, no graphics to indicate if the game was still on, nothing, including DVR capabilities for those who might instead choose to watch something else that isn’t happening. It was the paid version of Ch. 11 Bûche de Noël.

Also, on Friday, the Rangers-Mets were tucked away in plain sight when they appeared on Apple+, where per-player play and inexhaustible weekly yakker Melanie Newman unwittingly allowed Howie Rose the remaining oxygen. The local radio saved the night from further destruction by Manfred.

Of course, Manfred is ready! Fire! Objective! streaming plan was not ready to succeed. Not unless neglect and rotten productions are the bait to buy MLB partner streaming services. In other words, even if you can’t see or hear it, take it or leave it!

SNY makes the right choice

In this age of blind capitulation to pitching and batting analysis and optional running to first base, good fundamental baseball still shines like a beacon beam in the darkest storm.

So on deck, Brandon Nimmo’s signal on the deck to Dom Smith to slip – and to the inside of the plate – when Smith scored in the 10th against the Reds on Wednesday was immediately recognized and admired. OK, that wasn’t a bat-flip highlighted by the MLB Network certified by Manfred, but still…

Brandon Nimmo's signal to Dominic Smith to slide inside the plate was a heads-up play that SNY rightly praised in the Mets' win over the Reds.
Brandon Nimmo’s signal to Dominic Smith to slide inside the plate was a heads-up play that SNY rightly praised in the Mets’ win over the Reds.
Getty Images

Not that we’re surprised, but Islanders and NHL TV voice Brendan Burke was a solid replacement for John Sterling during Yanks at Pirates. He is a pro listener first, even politely undergoing unnecessary intrusions from Suzyn Waldman to identify “two-seams” from “four-seams”.

Let the record show that under Manfred, the Yankees did not play on July 4 for the first time since 1915. Nothing has ever happened before, unless you count Lou Gehrig’s farewell speech in 1939 and Dave Righetti’s 1983 no-hitter against Boston.

Chris Broussard, Fox’s NBA “expert” who this week strongly suggested, despite empty evidence and evidence to the contrary, that Toronto is a racist city, lacked credibility while working for ESPN, where he first gave credit for scoops. reported by others.

Professional tennis is now as laden with as many insufferable monsters – male and female – as the rest of the modern sports trash pile. Rooting interests are now based on the lesser of two weasels. If Nick Kyrgios hit a ball against a wall, I would root myself in the wall.

Reader Kelly Feniger wonders what Ralph Kiner would do to the Marlins’ Garrett Cooper given that Kiner regularly called Gary Carter Gary Cooper. I think he would have split the difference and called him Marlin Brando.


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