Mayor Sees Gary’s Future as Destination Town and Technology Hub | Local News



“We all need to be in the same boat,” Ceaser said, adding that the city would cooperate with groups of 10 or more working on clean-up projects in the city.

Besides the cleanup, Prince said, the mayor wants a safe city.

“We need to change the image of our city, the ‘brand’ of it,” Prince said.

Prince’s specific objectives

Gary’s image as a city of the steel industry persists, said. Prince, who has two goals for the city.

One of the goals is Gary as a destination town. The lakeside, a new casino and the Jackson Five are contributing to that effort, Prince said.

The second goal is Gary as a technology hub. Prince wants to work with officials at Indiana University Northwest to create more technology opportunities locally.

Regarding safety, Fire Chief Sean O’Donnell said his department responded to 20,000 calls last year, including 6,000 calls related to the fires.

So far this year, O’Donnell continued, Gary has hired 23 firefighters and next year he hopes to hire 25 more.

The Gary Fire Department has new equipment and vehicles this year, including equipment for handling hazardous materials, the chief reported.

Police Chief Brian Evans said the city has 10 new officers this year, with 10 more to be hired next year. The police are also receiving 35 new vehicles, in addition to new technology.



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