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Mancos Valley Resources chose the Mancos Trails project as its project of the year. Here, a hiker explores the Lost Chicken Trail at Chicken Creek. (Courtesy of Mancos Valley Resources)

Courtesy of Mancos Valley Resources

The group built 17 miles of trails with the help of 6,700 volunteer hours

Mancos Trails was named Project of the Year by Mancos Valley Resources.

The group was honored after a year of pioneering at Mancos Town Trail, Mancos Spur, Chicken Creek Northern Area and Aqueduct Plot.

Mancos Trails Group was founded in 2012 pursuant to the Mancos Board of Directors’ adoption of the city’s Trails Master Plan.

Mancos Valley Resources, a non-profit organization, is the primary fiscal sponsor of 14 charitable projects in the Mancos Valley.

He took the Mancos Trails Group under his wing in 2017 “with a mission to promote trail stewardship, develop and maintain sustainable trails, and promote positive interactions among all Mancos trail users,” says A press release.

“We are super lucky to have them under our umbrella,” said Kim Cox, administrator of Mancos Valley Resources.

Volunteers maintain the Mancos Spur Trail. (Courtesy of Mancos Valley Resources)

Courtesy of Mancos Valley Resources

Pictured in April, Mancos Mayor Queenie Barz cuts the Mancos Town Trail ribbon. (Courtesy of Mancos Valley Resources)

Courtesy of Mancos Valley Resources

In 2021, Mancos Trails built 17 miles of trails with the help of more than 6,700 volunteer hours, according to Don Hoffheins, vice president of Mancos Trail Group.

By November, the group aims to complete an 8-mile stretch of trail on the Aqueduct plot.

He completed a third of the non-motorized multi-use trail on the Bureau of Land Management parcel one mile from downtown. Horse trailers can now park where the old landfill used to be.

The group was honored in a Zoom meeting on Feb. 15, Cox said. A summer celebration will likely follow.

“This group, they have a really strong volunteer base,” she said.

Mancos Trails provided a social outlet for the community, she said.

“It was a bit of a surprise but a big recognition of the accomplishments we’ve had in 2021,” said Robert Meyer, Mancos Trails Group President.

The “most rewarding” effort was completing 10½ miles of trails in the Chicken Creek area, he said.

“It was something huge that had been in the works for a few years,” he said.

There are only 1 and a half miles left to finalize there.

The volunteer organization needs more board members, Meyer said.

Those interested in helping with volunteer and membership coordination, mapping and GIS, grant writing, accounting and general office work should contact [email protected].

“We just appreciate everyone’s support in the Mancos community and outside of the community,” Meyer said.

Donations to Mancos Trail Group can be made through its website,, or by mail to PO Box 204, Mancos, CO 81328.


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