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She said British Columbia was one of the lucky provinces that was able to continue to operate with fewer restrictions than others throughout the pandemic.

There is now a great need for more local volunteers, especially for the Nanaimo, Departure Bay and Neck Point groups.

The programs have a waiting list of at least 35 young people.

Longo says that despite the popularity of local groups, the pandemic has contributed to the lack of adult volunteers.

“Adults have a lot of responsibility to manage and supervise a large group of young people, making sure they are hand sanitized, wear masks where appropriate, that they are socially distanced. We always follow all provincial guidelines, and for some volunteers it was too dependent on what was going on in their personal lives.

The amount of time spent per week depends on how involved you want to be in planning and executing meetings and excursions.

Scouts teach their children to plan and always be ready for any adventure they are ready to embark on and leaders should have the same attitudes.

In addition to teaching young people about safety, preparedness and leadership, they also help build resilience and skills that will help them later in life. Scouts are also active in the local community.

“There are camps run by Scout volunteers which are available to the public at a very favorable rate. Camp Caillet is one of the most popular. They also organize numerous fundraisers, clear the trails, and partner with organizations like Nanaimo Search and Rescue.

To become a volunteer, you can go to scouts.ca to register and find your local Scout group.

Volunteers do not need to have a child in the Boy Scouts to contribute, but you must be 18 or over and pass their “rigorous” onboarding process, including a recent criminal record check, three referrals from former volunteer groups and complete a core Scouting program.

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