Lighthouse Guild adult daycare returns after closing



Susan Ricci from Riverdale does a checkup before heading to the table she sits at every day. It’s part of Lighthouse Guild’s GuildCare Adult Day Health Care Program, the organization that has been providing services to the visually impaired for over a century.

What would you like to know

  • GuildCare is an adult day health care program at Lighthouse Guild
  • The program is intended for people who are visually impaired or have other chronic health problems
  • A range of medical services are offered as well as social activities and interactions
  • Lighthouse Guild has been providing services to the visually impaired for over a century

Ricci has been blind since birth, and as part of vision therapy, she makes her way into the activity room through a series of ropes, rails, and even raised bumps on the radiator.

“You really teach them how to navigate in this environment, we really try to empower them to be as independent as possible in this environment,” said Patricia Rincon, director of GuildCare Manhattan.

GuildCare offers a variety of services and activities to its over 100 clients. Most of them are visually impaired, but the program caters for people with other chronic health conditions.

“We provide services to all types of disabilities, whether it’s a physical, visual or vocal disability, so we are really very proud of the programs we run here,” said Calvin W. Roberts, MD. , President and CEO of Lighthouse Guild.

GuildCare had to close in mid-March 2020 due to the pandemic, and customers say it was difficult to be isolated at home not being able to take advantage of the program for all those months.

“I’m at home so stressed out about being locked in the house and everything like that, so it’s nice to be outside again,” said Shirley Seton.

“I’m so glad he came back,” said Armita Harris, another client.

There’s nursing, morning snack and lunch, and therapeutic activities like horse racing and Wheel of Fortune games that are crowd favorites.

“That’s why they come, they come for fun, and they come to be together,” said Carol Stokes, Therapeutic Recreation Supervisor for GuildCare.

Client Albert Harris totally agrees, he’s happy to be back with friends at GuildCare.

“You know, once you get used to something, you stick with it if you can, you know, I like it here, really,” Harris said.

Find out more here or dial 716-285-3499.



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