Lighthouse Global Group exhibited one-stop personalized immigration solutions at the 3rd International Immigration and Property Expo


HONG KONG–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Hong Kong citizens continue to immigrate overseas as many popular immigration countries such as Canada, UK, Australia, etc. launched a number of immigration policies specifically for citizens, which greatly increased the opportunities for immigration.

Lighthouse Global Group Immigration participated in the 3rd International Immigration & Property Expo from June 11-12, 2022. Expo organizers conducted an online survey between April and June, collecting 35,000 questionnaires, which revealed that 60% of respondents plan to leave Hong Kong within two years, with the UK (申請BNO VISA) accounting for the most interest at 31%, Canada (移民加拿大) second at 22%, and Australia at 21% (移民澳洲) the third. The International Immigration & Property Expo survey reflected Hong Kong citizens’ growing interest in immigration.

According to Eric Lam, founder of Lighthouse Global Group, immigration is an important decision in life. With so many immigration companies in Hong Kong participating in the expos, the scope of services, professional standards and risk control vary from one immigration company to another.

The main business advantage of Lighthouse Global Group is having its own immigration team in Hong Kong and overseas. All have over 10 years of overseas experience and can share tips on immigrant life, work and education system, to design personalized immigration policies and pathways for clients based on their background. .

Lighthouse Global Group has an unrivaled reputation for immigration consulting services, and this year marks its 11th anniversary with over 2,000 successful cases. In addition to local customers, the company also serves customers from Taiwan, India, Singapore, the Philippines, Macao, the United States and the United Kingdom, and has extensive experience in this field.

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