Lighthouse Challenge of New Jersey has 10 lighthouses and 3 rescue stations



The New Jersey flagship challenge is an annual event that takes place the third weekend in October of each year. The challenge is to visit 10 land-based lighthouses, 3 lifeboat stations, 1 museum, 1 virtual site, and the Lighthouse Society of NJ site over the two-day weekend. The challenge route covers the Atlantic coast from Sandy Hook to Cape May and the Delaware Bay coast from Cape May to Paulsboro. Take the challenge and learn more about these historic New Jersey treasurers. Although there is no charge to participate, a nominal registration fee allows you to collect a souvenir from each site. Join us for a fun family weekend and explore our website for more information.

There have been a number of new Challengers who have asked if there is a card. There is no map but the image above will show you where the Challenge sites are located. Once you have an idea of ​​where you are going, you can go to the Websites and Directions tab to get more specific directions to each site.

From now on, Sandy Hook Lighthouse and Finns Point Lighthouse will have their lots open, but buildings will not. Both fall under the National Park Service, and the Park Service has not opened any buildings on their sites. There will be check-in / check-in tables at both sites, as well as items for sale in their gift shops and Lighthouse Challenge items. Please do not ignore these sites or you will not receive credit for completing the challenge.

Please note that for this year the Delaware Bay Lights will be at the East Point Lighthouse, NOT Cape May. Make sure to collect both stickers at East Point. The New Jersey Lighthouse Society will be in Finns Point, so be sure to pick up 2 stickers there as well. You should have 16 stickers in all when you’re done, not including a Night Climb sticker if you get one and the completion sticker.

There will be NO night climb at Absecon Lighthouse this year. Many of you are planning this stop, so please adjust your route so you don’t end up there in the dark.

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This year’s keepsake is a framed poster of all of the Challenge sites. You will receive the poster upon registration (cost $ 4). You will then get a sticker on each site which will go on a corresponding block on the souvenir. When completed you will have an 11 “x 17” poster with watercolor images of all of the challenge stops with a place for your completion sticker in the center. It will fit into any 11 “x 17” poster frame, available from Michael’s or other craft stores.

Websites and directions to lighthouses

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