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Attention Supervisors: As requested, the Enhanced Civilian Supervisor Level II Training is now offered virtually. But you’ll need to register quickly to get the date that’s right for you.

Even if the course (502799) will be taught online, each session has a limited number of slots available. Participants can choose from 14 upcoming dates when the sessions, called “convocations”, will take place.

According to course leader Alyssa Lombardi, the hope is that the new format will give more supervisors the opportunity to take the training. “It removes barriers that made it difficult to participate, like having to go to a certain place,” she said.

The five-day training course is mandatory for new civilian supervisors, as well as new Coast Guard and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) supervisors. It is also open to experienced supervisors or managers who have not had the chance to take it.

The facilitated training covers everything from supervisor responsibilities to employee health and compliance with government regulations. He goes more in-depth on these topics more than self-paced training as a Level I Civilian Supervisor.

Additionally, the course has been rewritten to focus more on the more challenging aspects of being a supervisor, including hiring, performance, handling misconduct, and working with unions. Kathryn Jones, chief of the Coast Guard’s Labor Relations Division, notes that this was a direct response to supervisors asking for more hands-on training to deal with the daily challenges they face.

“You asked,” Jones said. “We were listening.”

Participants are encouraged to bookmark the training information and use it as a reference for their ongoing supervision needs.

The training is part of the Coast Guard’s efforts to increase and modernize support for its civilian workforce and supervisors. It also meets the requirements of the Office of Personnel Management for leadership development, management and supervision. Additionally, trainings like this are part of the department’s commitment to replenishing the workforce through the time spent in continuing education.

To reserve your spot, contact your unit training supervisor. Note that dates are subject to change. Please check the Leadership Office website for the latest information.

If you have additional questions, please email Program Manager Alyssa Lombardi in the Office of Leadership (CG-128) or call 202-475-5516.


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